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Bug Juice Natural Insect Repellant
60 ml , 100 ml spray pump bottle.

Bug Juice
Natural Insect Repellant
60 ml , 100 ml spray pump bottle.

For External Use only. Fully non-toxic and natural, beneficial for skin, does not harm the envronment. And it smells great too!

Contents: Virgin coconut oil, Lemon oil, Eucalyptus oil, Ethanol (grain alcohol).

Indications: For prevention of bites from mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, gnats, 'no-see-ums', and more. Also for use in treatment of previously-irritated skin - soothes and nourishes skin.

Actions: Bug Juice simply masks or confuses the attractive signals that humans emit so that mosquitoes and other biting insects are unable to locate their target. Bug Juice is also Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, anti-parasitic, and is a skin stimulant.

Apply by pressing the pump hard to produce a fine and even spray. Spray all exposed areas. Will not stain clothing.

If 'prevention is the best cure for disease,' then Bug Juice should be at the top of the list of anyone's preventative medicine regimen. Bug Juice effectively prevents bites. But if already bitten previous to application, Bug Juice will help to kill infection and relieve itching associated with annoying and sometimes dangerous insect bites. Just spray a little extra on the affected area.

The first line of defence in prevention of parasites and their diseases.

Eucalyptus leaf extract contains an abundance of beneficial tannins, flavonoids, sterols, carotenoids, saponins, triterpene alcohols, polysaccharides and many other important compounds. And these compounds show very useful and important properties such as anti bacterial, anti cancer, anti-microbial, anti-malarial, hepatoprotective effect, anti-oxidant, anti-allergic, anti-glycemic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, analgesic and many more.

Lemon is cultivated mainly for its alkaloids. Citrus flavonoids have a large spectrum of biological activity including antibacterial, antifungal, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and antiviral activities. Flavonoids can function as direct antioxidants and free radical scavengers, and can lessen enzymatic activities and inhibit cancer cell proliferation. In plants (and on human skin), they play a defensive role against invading pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

The fresh scent of lemon and eucalyptus oils soothe and relieve headaches and migraines through aroma therapy. Direct skin application of Bug Juice is also useful for clearing acne, easing painful cold sores, herpes, and of course insect bites.

Bug Juice Insect Repellant “confuses” insects’ sense of direction, therefore they do not alight on the skin.

Bug juice is also beneficial to skin, due to its essential oil content. Helps to heal from previous bites, and stimulates blood flow in the skin (sometimes departs a cooling feeling to the skin in the area of the bite). It can also help to prevent infection from malaria, dengue, etc. from previous recent bites, due to alcohol content, and the healing effects of the essential oils. The spray does not harm lungs or cause immune problems, unlike common chemical repellants containing DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide), which depletes immunities and causes cancer.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is anti-parasitic, anti-malarial, and has also shown a remarkable ability to repel mosquitoes when compared to DEET (the most popular synthetic insect repellent which has been linked to serious adverse effects, especially in children).

Virgin Coconut oil is undoubtedly the best skin care agent availalble. Its stability, antimicrobial properties, moisture retaining capacity makes it an ideal protective agent against cracking of the skin. The vitamin E in VCO (and in Lemon and Eucalyptus Oils) is the main benefit to skin healing of these oils. It is also very effective in curing and relieving bruises and small cuts. And Bug Juice can reduce inflammation due to rashes or contact with foreign substances. Sprayed onto affected area, reduces itch or pain within 60 seconds.

These saturated fatty acids help to protect against many types of cancer, especailly including skin cancers. These are the same fatty acids that are found in mother’s milk.

Bug Juice was jungle tested in Indonesia and Cambodia with 100% effective results, when applied correctly. For People who applied it in Papua, Bali, and Java - in Indonesia, Bug Juice gave complete protection from biting for around 2 hours, depending on the amount of moisture on the skin. There have been no reports of dengue or malaria infections post application of Bug Juice. In fact, Bug Juice has been found to be equally effective compared to lower concentrations of DEET.

Bug Juice is also effective when applied to skin, for bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections.

The more important alkaloids, flavinoids, fatty acids, minerals, and other beneficial skin nutrients contained in Bug Juice are...

Lauric acid (VCO),
Myristic acid (VCO),
Caprylic acid (VCO),
Capric acid (VCO),
Caproic acid (VCO),
Palmitic acid (VCO),
Oleic acid (VCO),
Palmitoleic acid (VCO),
Linoleic acid (VCO),
Linolenic acid (VCO),
Stearic acid (VCO),
a-pinene (Lemon),
camphene (Lemon),
b-pinene (Lemon),
sabinene (Lemon),
myrcene (Lemon),
a-terpinene (Lemon),
linalool (Lemon),
b-bisabolene (Lemon),
limonene (Lemon),
trans-a-bergamotene (Lemon),
nerol (Lemon),
neral (Lemon),
a(alpha) – pinene (Eucalyptus),
b(beta) – pinene (Eucalyptus),
a(alpha)- phellandrene (Eucalyptus),
d(delta) – limonene (Eucalyptus),
1,8-cineole (Eucalyptus),
Camphor (Eucalyptus),
Sabinene (Eucalyptus),
Vitamin E (all oil ingredients),
Sodium (all oil ingredients),
Potassium (all oil ingredients),
Calcium (all oil ingredients),
Copper (all oil ingredients),
Iron (all oil ingredients),
Magnesium (all oil ingredients),
Zinc (all oil ingredients),
Phosphorus (all oil ingredients),

Bug Juice
Natural Insect Repellant
60 ml , 100 ml spray pump bottle.


BSI Medicines and Therapies:

Having arrived this web site, you've by now probably made a decision to take responsibility for your own health.

The use of BSI medicines, and related therapies, are intuitive and evolutionary in concept and practice. No two cases are treated the same. And conventional medical practice can never embrace, what is to them, a radical departure from accepted science and licensed convention. It is up-to-you, the reader/therapist/self-healer, to take initiative and responsibility in relation to what is done with this rare information and timeless medicine.

This is to say we suggest one not follow blindly, as though taking un-questioned instruction from the local MD. Do your homework, design an appropriate course of treatment before proceeding. Although this web site cannot serve as a substitute for nominal health advice, our desire is that it will stimulate the reader / healer into at least viewing alternatives to the dogmatic purvey of the mainstream medical practice.

BSI medicines can be effectively used for a wide variety of problems, even and especially including preventative medicine. Our medicines and therapies are highly anti-virus. anti-fungus, and anti-baceria, plus anti-aging and preventative.

"Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, and the major media destroy information." ~ Michael Ellner

"Anti-dandruf shampoos cause dandruf and scalp disorders. Weight loss foods and drugs cause weight gain. Prescription drugs cause disease. Health insurance destroys health. Television and advertising kill individuality and inspiration." ~ I Wayan Nyepih




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