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Cancer Killer / Compound K
40 capsuls
60 capsuls.

Cancer Killer / Compound K
40 capsuls
60 capsuls

Contents: Galanga, temu lawak, kunyit kuning , piper nigrum.

Indications: In treatment of diseases and cancers of the liver, stomach, colon, breast, lung, prostate, blood, brain cancers and more; chronic inflammation, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, or ulcers. Increases intestinal absorption and permeability. Macular degeneration and eye cancers. Non-beneficial inflammation. Calcification of the cervix and in uterine cancers.

Actions: Anti-diabetic, hypolipidemic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrhoeal, hepatoprotective, anti-asthmatic, and anti-cancerous.

The essential basis of Traditional Indonesia Jamu, BSI Cancer Killer / Compound K is much stronger and more effective due to BSI proprietary processing. A primary medicine at BSI, essential in creating balance in the immune system, for clearing toxins and parasites from the body. Stimulates brain and nerve function, balances the endocrine system, and much more.

The Zingiberaceae Family of plants (the Ginger Family), of which there are more than 400 varieties, is widely known for medicinal potency - the basic cure-all of a few medicinal practices of India and Indonesia. Most of the 400 species are used as sources of indigenous medicines, vegetables, food flavors, spices, dyes, condiments as well as ornamentals. Compound K sports three differing varieties of Zingiberaceae: Galanga, Temu Lawak, and Kunyit Kuning.

Galanga is a more prominant root from the ginger family. Galanga is also a well known official drug throughout Asia, as a holistic gift of nature not only for medicinal uses, but also culinary, and cosmetic use. It has been found to be a potent anti-carcinogen, and possess anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-allergic, antifungal, anti-diabetic, antibacterial, anti-ulcer, immuno-stimulating, antioxidant, anti-amoebic, anti-dermatophytic and many other important properties. Galangal is a free radical scavenger, exhibiting strong superoxide, anion-scavenging activity

Temu Lawak: Traditionally, temu lawak has been used for both food and medicinal purposes. The starch and atsiri oils contain curcuminoid, the main component of rhizome of Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. Temu lawak is highly antrimicrobial, against Streptococcus mutans, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella, and more.

Two of the most anti-cancer components of temu lawak are curcumoid and xanthorrizol.

In Ayurvedic practices, Kunyit Kuning (turmeric) is used to treat a variety of internal disorders, such as indigestion, throat infections, common colds, or liver ailments, as well as topically to cleanse wounds or treat skin sores. Kunyit kuning is antifungal and antibacterial. Kunyit is also highly antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and plays an important role in prevention and treatment of various illnesses ranging notably from cancer to autoimmune, neurological, cardiovascular diseases and diabetetes. When combined with the other three herbs in Compound K, the anti-cancer qualities of kunyit kuning are greatly amplified.

Piper nigrum (black pepper) or "piperine'' Piperine has also been found to increase the absorption of many medicines, (especially those of the ginger family) and has proven bio-availability (fully digestable) enhancing activity of many medicines and nutrients. Piperine exhibits wide spectrum therapeutic potential. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antilarval, antioxidant, anti-parasitic, and much more.

Piper Nigrum's most important qualitiy is that when combined with other bio-active compounds (e.g. herbs and roots) the action of those other medicines is greatly amplifed. We at BSI generally request the patient not take black pepper with meals and foods, so as not to dilute the processes of our medicines, to not to amplify foods and chemicals that are not beneficial for healing.

Food as medicine, rather than food as the cause of disease....

The more important alkaloids and beneficial nutrients are...

curcumin (kunyit kuning)
demethoxycurcumin, (kunyit kuning)
bisdemethoxycurcumin, (kunyit kuning)
turmerone, (kunyit kuning)
atlantone, (kunyit kuning)
zingiberene, (kunyit kuning)
curcumoid (temu lawak)
germakren (temu lawak)
allo-aromadendren (temu lawak)
isofurogermakren (temu lawak)
tricyclin (temu lawak)
xanthorrhizol (temu lawak)
methyl eugenol, (galangal)
chavicol, (galangal)
eugenol, (galangal)
1-acetoxycavichol acetate, (galangal)
catechin, (galangal)
terpinen-4-ol, (galangal)
p-Coumaric acid, (galangal)
Myricetin, (galangal)
a-pinene, (galangal)
camphene, (galangal)
sabinene, (galangal)
-pinene, (galangal)
myrcene, (galangal)
p-cymene, (galangal)
1,8-cineole, (galangal)
limonene, (galangal)
y-terpinene, (galangal)
linalool, (galangal)
borneol, (galangal)
terpinene-4-ol, (galangal)
a-terpineol, (galangal)
geranyl acetate, (galangal)
methyl eugenol, (galangal)
and -caryophyllene, (galangal)
thymol, (galangal)
piperine1, (piper nigrum)
alkamides9, (piper nigrum)
piptigrine7, (piper nigrum)
wisanine7, (piper nigrum)
dipiperamide D10, (piper nigrum)
dipiperamide E10. (piper nigrum)

and more....

More than 50 additional essential elements in Compound K are not yet listed here.

Cancer Killer / Compound K
40 capsuls
60 capsuls

Contents: Galanga, temu lawak, kunyit kuning ,
piper nigrum.

It's not just about killing cancer, but also about ending the causes of cancer so it is no longer needed by the body - the body expels disease when properly nourished.

How to Use Cancer Killer / Compound K:

Generally speaking, we use Compound K orally throughout most therapies at BSI. This serves to greatly activate the immune system, and to flush toxins from the body.

We suggest the user bear in mind that Compound K is strong medicine. It may produce delayed positive reactions if taken in large amounts. We strongly recommend you adhere to our protocols. If taken orally, take no more than two capsuls at one time, and take them an hour after a meal, once to a mximum of four times per day. Those with stomach ailments may tolerate less.

When used concurrently with other BSI Compounds, a greater amount of alkaloid medicine is delivered to fringe areas of the infection, greatly increasing their rate of tumor and disease necrosis and elimination.

It is often of great value in the treatment of large internal cancers, especially breast, liver, prostate and the like. The fully-bio-available alkaloids, flavonoids and nutrients of Compound K help to cure a wider range of virus and parasite problems. It also works to increase energy, tends to elevate mood, stimulate elimination, reduce pain.

More information can be found in the
Prospective Patient Information section.


Internally, one or two capsules between one and four times per day, over 25 days. The 25 day course-of-treatment can be repeated two times to treat difficult internal tumors or virus.

BSI Medicines and Therapies:

Having arrived this web site, you've by now probably made a decision to take responsibility for your own health.

The use of BSI medicines, and related therapies, are intuitive and evolutionary in concept and practice. No two cases are treated the same. And conventional medical practice can never embrace, what is to them, a radical departure from accepted science and licensed convention. It is up-to-you, the reader/therapist/self-healer, to take initiative and responsibility in relation to what is done with this rare information and timeless medicine.

This is to say we suggest one not follow blindly, as though taking un-questioned instruction from the local MD. Do your homework, design an appropriate course of treatment before proceeding. Although this web site cannot serve as a substitute for nominal health advice, our desire is that it will stimulate the reader / healer into at least viewing alternatives to the dogmatic purvey of the mainstream medical practice.

BSI medicines can be effectively used for a wide variety of problems, even and especially including preventative medicine. Our medicines and therapies are highly anti-virus. anti-fungus, and anti-baceria, plus anti-aging and preventative.

"Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, and the major media destroy information." ~ Michael Ellner

"Anti-dandruf shampoos cause dandruf and scalp disorders. Weight loss foods and drugs cause weight gain. Prescription drugs cause disease. Health insurance destroys health. Television and advertising kill individuality and inspiration." ~ I Wayan Nyepih




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