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Digestive Toner and Cleanse / Compound VL

Digestive Toner and Cleanse / Compound VL
60 grams (net weight)

Digestive Toner and Cleanse /
Compound VL
60 gr

Contents: Indian Ocean sea salts, magesium sulphate (Epsom Salts), sodium bicarbonate, ginger root, Balinese green lemon pulp.

Indications: In treatment of diseases of the liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, small and large intestines, rectum, and general body healing via detoxification.

Actions: Increases pH, causes the gallbladder and liver to expel bile and accumulated toxins and waste, the pancreas and intestines to expel toxic putird accumulation, and tones digestion. Helps to reduce cancer and disease in the liver and digestion - when the BSI Digestive Flush protocol is followed.

Digestive Toner and Cleanse / Compound VL, is an active component of the BSI Digestive Cleanse Prototocol. Combined with fresh virgin coconut oil and fresh lemon juice, serves to effectively cleanse the liver, pancreas, galbladder, stomach, and intestines of toxins, accumulated matter and parasites. It also greatly improves and tones the function of the digestive system and ultimately the body.

A basic first-step toward superb health and glowing skin.

We highly recommend The BSI Digestive Cleanse Protocol be followed as written for best results. Protocol instructions are available from the BSI Clinic.

The BSI Digestive Toner and Cleanse differs from liver cleanse protocols in that we suggest a more gentle and nutritive approach. We have proven better results by adopting the 'feminine principle' of allowing the body to cleanse and heal itself, rather than forcing harsh reactions that can damage sensitive tissues of the digestive system. Keep in mind the lining of the stomach is only 1 cell thick, and can be easily damaged with the use zeolite, charcole, concentrated enzyme therapy, and other sharp-edged elements, that are often used in other cleansing protocols.

The balanced use of Indian Ocean sea salt, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, ginger root, and Balinese green lemon (that is later combined with virgin coconut oil and fresh lemon juice at the time of use) offers an excellent form of administration that can often work much better than surgery or harsh chemical medicines (that often contain damaging aluminum derivatives).

The BSI Digestive Toner and Cleanse is more than an effective digestive tract cleansing system - it's just as much a super-nutrition source, in that it also provides the body with highly beneficial trace nutrients rarely seen in the modern diet, even in organic foods. Magnesium is the mineral nutrient most lacking in the modern diet, that also encourages the body to release long-held toxins and putrefaction. Magnesium helps to calm, helps to heal nervous and virus problems. Essential for deep-healing and superb health maintenance. Cancer patients (and those with a wide variety of other diseases) can saturate their bodies with magnesium and trace minerals to speed recovery and limit pain.

Sea Salt 100% Natural Sea Salt kills cancer by helping to alkalize the body and it has every single mineral the human body needs. Sea salt naturally helps to build up a strong immune system so that it can easily fight off virus, allergies and other autoimmune disorders. Natural unrefined sea salt generally contains 94 trace elements and minerals that the human body needs to be healthy. The human body uses these minerals and trace elements to create electrolytes (vital for blood, nerves, brain, heart function, etc), and to maintain balance in the more subtle bodily fluids. Sea salt has a much higher trace mineral content (17-23%) than Himalayan crystal salt (4%). It also helps to increase the pH of Compound VL, making it a great alkalinizer for the entire body.

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) is a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps to relax tired and tense muscles, and is an effective sleep aid. This salt can help ease a painful body when inflammation is the primary element. Treats cardiac arrhythmias, herpes and shingles, relieves itching. Soothes chicken pox and measles. The heart, lungs, and the immune system often rely heavily on the existence of magnesium sulfate to keep inflammation at a minimum. Some physicians prescribe the salt in a daily routine to help prevent many illnesses.

Sodium Bicarbonate neutralizes the acid pH of tumors and as such inhibits metastases, but does not harm normal healthy tissues, significantly reduces the incidence of metastases in liver and digestive cancers, and other cancers in the body too.

Ginger root is a strong anti-cancer agent, is also anti-tumor due to its ability to activate a tumor suppressor gene, causing apoptosis (death of tumors). Ginger also has strong antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti fungal effects. Ginger is anti-oxidative, eliminates free radicals with the componant gingerol. Ginger also mediates joint swelling associated with severe chronic adjuvant arthritis. Ginger is anti-microbial against E coli, salmonella typhi and bacillus subtilis. Ginger is effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis and also plays an important therapeutic importance in Ayurvedic and Balinese medicine since ancient times.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO): Contains the same fatty acids that are found in motherís milk. Reduces Inflammation and Arthritis. Highly beneficial in cancer prevention and treatment. It's an immune system booster (antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral). Improves memory and brain function. Improves energy and endurance. Improves skin issues (burns, eczema, dandruff, dermatitis, and psoriasis). Prevents or slows osteoporosis. Helps build muscle and lessen body fat. Effective natural treatment for candida albicans and yeast infections. By improving antioxidant levels aging slows. Virgin coconut oil helps to naturally balance hormones because itís a great source of saturated fat including lauric acid. The benefits of VCO are immense, books have been written on the subject.

Fresh Lemon Juice, added to Compound VL, stimulates the liver to produce bile (and eliminate toxins), and is naturally high in Vitamin C and bioflavinoids. Flavonoids in lemon help prevent cataracts in diabetics. Diosmin, a flavanone antioxidant in lemon decreases the incidence of kidney stones. Flavones and flavanones inhibit aromatase, which supports healing of breast and other cancers. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids in lemon juice are antioxidants that target free radicals and reduce harmful oxidation - compounds that can damage the bodyís tissues causing heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses. Flavonoids reduce the risk of tumors in the breast, colon, lung, prostate, and pancreas. Lemon juice relaxes blood vessels thereby reducing blood pressure.

Digestive Toner and Cleanse / Compound V, when used repeatedly (perhaps once per month or more), has also shown to help with the following ailments:

Digestive Toner and Cleanse / Compound V tends to reduces irritability, anxiety, headaches, and migranes - the cleansing process gives an immediate calming effect.

Impacted feces, with bile that carries stored toxins, and toxins from the pancreas, are usually pushed from the body, after use of Compound VL.

Smelly, floating light-colored feces, due to pancreas congestion, are often brought back to normal after two or more applications.

Diabetes and sugar problems tend to normalize when the digestion is cleansed and the pancreas returns to normal function (in accord with proper diet).

Reduces muscle cramps or twitches as deficiencies from these minerals are brought to balance within the body.

Reduces Insomnia due to a balancing effect on the nervous system and detoxification of the lower and digestive tract.

Inhibits spontaneous metastases, especially in digestive cancers, as it increases tumor pH, by making the tumor and body more alkaline, and of course from cleansing the body of cancer causes / toxins.

Virgin coconut oil used in the process has many benefits; it heals or cures many conditions and skin disorders too, one the most beneficial heal substances you can put in your body. Helps to heal and nutrify the stomach lining.

Gives a Vitamin C, bioflavinoids, and antioxidant riush to the system, and as such a boost to the immunites and healing.

Reduces sensitivity to loud noises, as the nervous system comes into balance from bicarbonate, magnesium, and sea salts.

Decreases ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and Autism, often caused by deficiencies in these minerals and liver congestion due to junk food.

Has proven to reduce or end sciatica in patients who have used the BSI Digestive Toner and Cleanse Protocol.

Heart Palpitations or angina are often decreased or eliminated when these minerals are given to the body, either topically or by mouth.

Constipation, anal spasms, and irritable bowel syndrome are easily remedied.

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, asthma, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and PMS are often improved when trace minerals are added to the diet and the digestive system is cleansed and well lubricated.

Osteoporosis and bone ailments improve when calcium levels are brought to balance with the addition of magnesium and trace minerals.

The incidence of kidney stones decrease when magnesium helps to bring calcium levels into balance.

Menstrual cramps and excessive flow are often decreased when digestion is clear and the body not toxic with putrid residue.

Many skin conditions, such as acne, parasites, rashes, warts, virus skin growths can be healed with monthly digestive cleanses.

Internal parasites, 80% which cannot be seen by the naked eye, are also pushed from the digestive system when presented with the high alkalinity and lubrication of the Digestive Cleanse.

Minor cuts, scrapes, burns, sunburns, razor burn, acne, dandruff, dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis benefit from the ginger that is amplified by the minerals in this medicine.

Helps people fight off common colds and viruses by increasing stamina while decreasing pain, and certainly by increasing immunities and lessening toxins in the body.
Absorption of magnesium and trace minerals boosts the oxygenation of the blood, and circulation too.

Though this may appear simplistic, the truth is that it's simple to cause these problems, and just as simple and inexpensive to cure them too. Few people in the medical world talk about remedies that make little profit.

Digestive Toner and Cleanse / Compound VL
60 grams (net weight) per jar

A basic first-step toward superb health and glowing skin.

We suggest the user bear in mind that Digestive Toner and Cleanse / Compound VL is strong medicine. It may produce delayed positive reactions, such as minor skin rashes or redness, loose bowels from 12 hours to 3 days, as toxins and disease are brought out for elimination. We strongly recommend adherance to our protocols.

When used concurrently with other BSI Compounds, tumor and disease necrosis and elimination are increased, speeding recovery.

It may be of great value in the treatment of large internal cancers and realted diseases, especially liver, stomach, intestines, prostate and the like. The fully-bio-available minerals and nutrients help to cure and eliminate a wider range of virus and parasite problems. It also works to increase energy, tends to elevate mood, stimulate elimination, reduce pain.

More information can be found in the
Prospective Patient Information section.

How to Use Digestive Toner and Cleanse / Compound VL:

Use Digestive Cleanse / Compound VL:

Internally, added to virgin coconut oil and fresh lemon juice. Consumed in quantities related to weight and frequency of use.

The BSI New Patient Guide contains all instructions needed for use of this medicine, obtained from the BSI International Clinic in Bali.

More information can be found in the Prospective Patient Information section.


Caution should be exercised in use with stomach ulcers or when moderate or severe bleeding is indicated.

As is known with oral injestion of magnesium at moderate levels, the liver and bowels can be loosened, resulting in temporary diarrea, but is desirable in this protocol, in that it helps to cleanse the system of toxins and accumulated debris.

We suggest the patient also consider bathing in Vita Bath / Compound V, in combination with Compound SO Bath and Body Oil.

Also consider showering with Body Pure, Trace Elements Body Purifier.

BSI Medicines and Therapies:

Having arrived this web site, you've by now probably made a decision to take responsibility for your own health.

The use of BSI medicines, and related therapies, are intuitive and evolutionary in concept and practice. No two cases are treated the same. And conventional medical practice can never embrace, what is to them, a radical departure from accepted science and licensed convention. It is up-to-you, the reader/therapist/self-healer, to take initiative and responsibility in relation to what is done with this rare information and timeless medicine.

This is to say we suggest one not follow blindly, as though taking un-questioned instruction from the local MD. Do your homework, design an appropriate course of treatment before proceeding. Although this web site cannot serve as a substitute for nominal health advice, our desire is that it will stimulate the reader / healer into at least viewing alternatives to the dogmatic purvey of the mainstream medical practice.

BSI medicines can be effectively used for a wide variety of problems, even and especially including preventative medicine. Our medicines and therapies are highly anti-virus. anti-fungus, and anti-baceria, plus anti-aging and preventative.

"Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, and the major media destroy information." ~ Michael Ellner

"Anti-dandruf shampoos cause dandruf and scalp disorders. Weight loss foods and drugs cause weight gain. Prescription drugs cause disease. Health insurance destroys health. Television and advertising kill individuality and inspiration." ~ I Wayan Nyepih




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