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BSI Detox Package

Package price for those over age 18:
Rp. 6.589.000 Total Net.

Why Me?

Do you breath air? Drink water? Eat food? Use cosmetics/soaps/deoderants? Wear clothes made from synthetic materials (and certainly cotton too) washed in tap water and chemical detergents? (The skin abosorbs most everything it touches). Do you use radioactive phones and stressful mass media? Ride in chemical and heavy-metal laden and polluting cars/motorbikes/airplanes/buses or even bicycles? Deal with stressful people or situations? Work a modern stress-packed job?

Well, of course, you name it, it all stresses the body. There is no avoiding what life slaps us-in-the-face with. Even when far away from crowded cities, the environment (and food, water, and air supplies), are just as saturated, from farming chemicals like glyphosate, and manufacturing waste, etc. And even those who eat well, often organic, are affected, and are often more sensitive to these assults than the average human. Modern life is toxic, not just physically, but mentally and spritually too....

The body was not made for "the hurry-up-and-let's-rush lifestyle."

More than ever a person must work toward abundant health, strong immunities, and make effort to avoid and counteract disease. It's important to keep one's immunities strong, heal damages from stress, to keep the bones and joints strong, to cleanse the vascular system of plaque and toxins, pull heavy metals associated with most forms of intoxication from the body, cleanse the liver and pancreas, remove parasites and waste from the digestive tract and blood, and much more.

Through our standard blood and urine testing (the same as we give to all new patients at BSI) we will also search for basic signs of cancer, virus, bacteria, fungus, and heavy metal contamination. If desired by the patient, further testing is also available, but we generally do not suggest further tests unless truly needed or requested.

The BSI Detox is also about preventative maintenance, and helping you to feel and preform your best. For anyone who is sluggish or in pain, in body and mind, has un-healthy skin and body functions, he may want to consider our 25-day detox, to once again bring the body back to balance, elasticity, physical agility, vitality, mental clarity.

The patient must bear in mind that detoxification, whether from the use of sundry and illicit substances, or from exposure to environmental toxins, can often result in what is called the "Herxheimer Reaction", also known as "Healing Crisis", or "Cleansing Effects". A Healing Crisis is a welcome part of a natural healing regimen.

Like any deep cleansing regime, the process can be a little rough on the patient, depending on the amounts of pollutants, body fat, current addictions, etc. his body may store. For most, the effects of an herbal, vitamin, and mineral detox are often subtle, but occasionally for some, reactions are strong, sometimes intense. Often the patient will want to sleep for long periods as the body heals itself (the body only heals during sleep). Repeated therapies over months will garner greater improvements in memory, strength, bone density, with robust immunities, skin tone, muscle tone, especially when combined with regular exercise and good nutiriton.

The BSI Detox is custom-tailored per the outcome of....
1) Your website questionnaire,
2) Your two live Interviews at the BSI Clinic,
3) Your blood and urine test results,
4) The rate and volume of your reactions to the 25-day treatment,
5) Your comments and observations throughout the 25 days course of treatment.

The important difference we make at BSI is that we get to know you and then work toward a treatment that works based on your physiology, reasons for detox, age, gender, lifestyle, and more.

In the end, all patients, who have completed the course, have described themselves as having never felt better, the body light, the mind strong and focused. They also report strength is regained, appearance more youthful and pleasant, attitudes calmer.

Modern life, and the overt and hidden stresses it produces, often requires remedies that may prove just as strong as the causes. BSI medicines are highly concentrated and must be considered and used with care. Although there is no substitute for clean and healthy living, we sometimes need a boost back in that direction when the body is tired and sick from pollution and stress. We all deserve the best in proactive health and life.

What You Get

Lifetime Membership with BSI International. This allows you to contact us via email regarding health problems we are able to address, and to receive wholesale pricing of BSI medicines and therapies by request.

General Health Check-up, based in part, on the Health Questionnaire you would complete before arriving at our clinic.

56 basic blood and urine tests with comprehensive written explanation. Accurately derived using state-of-art German technology, comprehensive results includes:
    • Blood and gut parasite check.
    • Basic cancer and disease check
       (as determined from white blood cell Differential Count).
    • Virus, bacteria, fungus loading.
    • Anemia, hemoglobin, internal bleeding,
         and several red blood cell tests
    • Basic liver enzyme function / simple hepatitis
    • Kidney / bladder / urinary / prostate health
          (from CBC blood and urine tests)
    • Glucose/sugar level testing
    • Blood type with wallet card
    ... and much more.
    With follow-up results and prescription, and second infusion, 2 - 4 days later.

Basic live blood microscope analysis (you watch on a high-resolution monitor). This gives us a preview of what to expect from, and to verify, the laboratory results.

Health and lifestyle interview. You receive our exclusive "BSI New Patient Guide". We will review the Guide with you, which contains suggestions for diet and lifestyle to follow during the detox, instruction and information regarding the Nutritive Digestive Flush, and an extenisive list of foods based in part on blood type for the patient.

Food as medicine, rather than food as the cause of disease....

The Exclusive BSI 25-Day Calendar, a simple daily guide for the herbs and medicines to be taken during the detox.... (We are the only clinic in Indonesia that manufactures on-premise it's proprietary medicines.)

4 each, over 8-12 days, natural vitamin and mineral intravenous Infusion with vitamin C, B vitamin complex, magnesium, electrolytes, sodium bicarbonate. Dosages are based on the condition of the patients kidneys and needs (as known from the blood and urine testing above), and range from 10 to 40 grams of pure ascrobic acid (vitamin C) per infusion.

Some or all of the infusions can include EDTA chelation cleanse which cleans plaque from heart, veins, arteries, brain, and heavy metals (including radioactive elements) from blood (may need more than one chelation infusion). If the patient suffers from easy bleeding we generally do not give EDTA

Some or all of the infusions can include silver hydrosol, depending whether or not virus, bacteria, and fungus are seen in the blood testing. Silver cannot be given at the same time as EDTA because they counteract each other.

BSI also exclusively offers infusion additives...
    • Compound IN (a distillate of nigella saltiva
         (jinten hitam or black cumin), and/or
    • Compound IZ (a distillate of 4 types of zingerberacea roots:
         temu lawak, temu kunci, galangal, turmeric, and
         piperine, as is warranted during the treatment.

Included Supplements, manufactured by BSI
    • Compound G (enzymes and bromelain for digestion: liver, pancreas, intestines, and virus bacteria regulation, parasites, allergies, etc.)
    • Compound J (blood and energy builder, detoxer and parasite cleanser),
    • Compound K (anti-oxidant + anti-viral and detox agent)
    • Compound M (73 collidial trace minerals super nutrition not seen in modern processed foods, vital for rebuilding damaged organs and tissues.)
    • Compound NP (a potent endocrine stimulant, immunities enhancer.)
    • Compound VL (added to the Nutritive Digestive Flush)
    • Probiotics for 10 days (very different from the probiotics sold in most stores)
    • and if indicated, Our Parasite Package and/or Compound W

BodyPure© Oral Healing and Cleansing kit with non-molding toothbrush, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, Compound SOS ancient oil-pulling solution.

BodyPure© Body Bathing and Detox Kit. Natural Skin and Scalp Detox Shower Kit. Pure nutrition for the skin and body. Deeply cleans and heals tired skin, helps heal skin disease and gives youthful appearance and feel. The skin absorbs nearly everything it encounters. Give nutrition instead of toxic cosmetics, soaps or lotions.

Not included: Any other mediciines or therapies possibly indiicated or requested by the patient on subsequent visits.

How to Proceed

Please fill-in the medical questionnaire by clicking here. New patients are accepted by questionnaire and acknolwedged by email only.

This is a very important part of our process of getting to know you, so that we can properly serve your individual needs.

We will schedule four appointments for you. Your first visit will require approximately 2.5 hours. The remaining three visits will require 1.5 hours each of your time.

Please note, we are not able to accept certain conditions for the Detox Treatment. The partial list includes cancer or chemotherapy patients, violent or out-of-control patients, patients who are not fully committed to the full process. Patients who are frail, with kidney dysfunction, or severe heart problems. Children less than 18 years of age. Also anyone who cannot for whatever reason fully stop pharmaceutical or illicit drug use.

This therapy will require a minimum of 4 visits to our clinic, over the course of two weeks or less. If additional therapies or tests are requested by the patient, this process may take longer, and are not included in the package price. The course also requires the patient follow the BSI Detox Calendar at home for 25 days.

The full price of the Detox Package is paid-in-advance and is not refundable. The patient is requested to fully complete the course for maximum benefit.

Thanks ! We look forward to meeting you soon !

It's not just about killing cancer....

But also about ending the causes of cancer
so it is no longer needed by the body.
The body expels disease when properly nourished.

BSI Medicines and Therapies:

Having arrived this web site, you've by now probably made a decision to take responsibility for your own health.

The use of BSI medicines, and related therapies, are intuitive and evolutionary in concept and practice. No two cases are treated the same. And conventional medical practice can never embrace, what is to them, a radical departure from accepted science and licensed convention. It is up-to-you, the reader/therapist/self-healer, to take initiative and responsibility in relation to what is done with this rare information and timeless medicine.

This is to say we suggest one not follow blindly, as though taking un-questioned instruction from the local MD. Do your homework, design an appropriate course of treatment before proceeding. Although this web site cannot serve as a substitute for nominal health advice, our desire is that it will stimulate the reader / healer into at least viewing alternatives to the dogmatic purvey of the mainstream medical practice.

BSI medicines can be effectively used for a wide variety of problems, even and especially including preventative medicine. Our medicines and therapies are highly anti-virus. anti-fungus, and anti-baceria, plus anti-aging and preventative.

"Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, and the major media destroy information." ~ Michael Ellner

"Anti-dandruf shampoos cause dandruf and scalp disorders. Weight loss foods and drugs cause weight gain. Prescription drugs cause disease. Health insurance destroys health. Television and advertising kill individuality and inspiration." ~ I Wayan Nyepih



Our most basic package
(does not include medicines or treatment):
Basic blood / urine and physical exam / and extensive interview, for basic disease and pre-cancer conditions with written comprehensive diagnosis and clear explanation.
Rp. 2.460.000 Package Price


A few of the 60+ natural medicines we manufacture at BSI....

Traditional Bloodroot Salve
Compound A
Blood Root Jahe Yellow Powder
Compound B
Blood Root Jahe Magnesium
Yellow Salve

Compound BVC
Goldenseal Comfrey Aloe
Healing Salve

Compound C
Blood Root Jahe Salve
Compound D
Bromelain Papain Powder
Compound G
Jintan Hitam Beet Powder
Compound J
Cancer Killer
Compound K
Manggis Sirsap Powder
Compound L
Colloidal Minerals
Compound M
Noni Mint Powder
Compound NP
Poison Control
Compound S
Digestive Toner and Cleanse
Compound VL
Lung and Sinus Steamer Solution
Compound B Tincture
DMSO Vit C Bloodroot Bicarbonate Magnesium Iodine Jahe
Compound 1-5
Bone & Ligament Rebuilder
Compound O
Oral Parasite Medicine
Compound W
Lung & Sinus Tonic
Compound TL
Jamu BSI

Compound Z

Infusion Enhancement

Compound IZ
Nigella Sativa
Infusion Enhancement

Compound IN
Healing Eye Drops
Vitamin C - Silver - Magnesium - Electrolyte Healing for eyes

Compound ED
Tumor Direct Injection
Compound A-20
Vitamin C and Electrolytes Infusion
Compound IAA
Silver Hydrosol
Infusion Enhancement and Tumor Injection

Compound IS
Lemon Bath and Body Oil
Compound SO
Vita Bath
Healing Bath Salts

Compound V
Trace Elements Body Detox and Skin Purifier
Natural Insect Repellant
Bug Juice
Oral Healing Oils
Compound SOS
Trace Elements Face & Scalp Healing Conditioner
Oral Healing Kit
Oral Kit
Body Detox
and Healing Kit

Body Kit

Sorry, the medicines we make are sold only to our patients.