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Profile Mrs. O,
Breast cancer,
Stage II.

Warning! Graphic!

Mrs. O is from Bali, 33 years old, mother of one child. Professional banking sector.

She presents with an elongated growth in her right breast, just above the nipple. She has not been treated or diagnosed by another professional.

As indicated by manual examination, the main serrated (hard) tumor is within the yellow outline, about 1 cm below skin surface. Extending'roots' are within the blue lines. The tumor has been growing rapidly over four months. We have just appled Compound A Mild, Traditional Bloodroot Salve to the most elevated part of the tumor, after pricking it with an acupuncture needle. "Needling" the site allows for faster medication and results

Mrs. O explained she did not want chemo or mainstream medicial help, was concerned it would end her life. We in turn explained our process of using salves, injections, and sodium bicarbonate with iodine might be painful and require at least two months to complete.

Not pictured below, her therapy also included several roots and herb compounds, plus intravenous Vitamin C and magensium (to mitigate pain).

The first application of Compound A Mild and top layer of tumor has fallen off and the top of the tumor is now visible. The red area surrounding the tumor has raised up and is softening, as to be expected with the use of this Salve. This indicates the tumor is dying and the body is pushing it out - the reason these are called 'drawing salves'. This photo was taken from a different angle than the first photo above.

Compound A Mild / Traditional Bloodroot Salve was again applied to the white area above. After 24 hours, Compound BVC /Yellow Salve was applied on top of the salve to continously moisten and medicate, but at a slow and steady rate.

Large amounts of pinkish puss had emerged, indicating the fungus had died and the body/ white b lood cells, weres pushing it out. Genenrally speaking, on small and newer tumors, when the eschar area appears clean, then nearby cancer no longer remains.

Following the second application of Compounds A and BVC, the tumor 'pulled-out' to reveal clean tissues, with no sign of tumor below. The eschar site had grown to a size of about 2.5 cm. The eschar was now ready for healing with Healing Salve / Compound C.

Blood root salves are also often called 'drawing salves'. These salves appear to 'draw-up' cancers, fungus, and parasites and the like to the surface. More accurately, the cancer (or in this case) fungus is killed by the salve, and through the action of white blood cells and mucous, the body pushes the dead tissues out.

The eschar quickly healed with the application of Compound C / Healing Salve. There remained no sign of tumor or inflamation.

But the first rule of cancer treatment is that 'tumors hide'. Though it was not felt through digital examination or by ultrasond, another inflamation arose several months following this treatment. With breast cancer, it's rarely as easy as removing one tumor that came so easily to the surface.

She had been taking several oral medicines we produce as well. Compounds B, Compouond L for cancer and fungus abatement, Compound G for digestion and liver cleanse, Compound J for immune boosting and liver cleanse, and Compound NP for balancing the endocrine system and strengthing immunities, plus Compound M for trace minerals and digestive chelation.

These oral compounds also serve to weaken and push out cancers. But, as is often the case with more natural healing, they may take time to come out.

Mrs. O also followed a diet plan that forbade sugars (including honey and palm sugars), MSG (highly prevelent in Asian foods) soy products (including eggs or meats that were fed on soy), cows milk products, commercial cooking oils, iodized salt (sea salt the alternative), white rice (here is eaten with every meal), wheat products., and more.

We at BSI follow a regime that 'starves the tumor' by stopping simple carbohydrates and limiting most complex carbohydrates (breads, grains, pasta, etc). She was encouraged to eat protein, vegetables (with raw leaves/ salads etc.), fresh tropical fruit, etc. She lost 3 kg, while her liver cleansed itsef, and then more fungus appeared in her breast. If the fungus had been left unchecked, it would have quickly turned to cancer.

"Igonrance is Bliss, Until it's Not". Mrs. O. was very busy with her work and young child. And she was afraid of what she might find. She had waited nine months before returning for more treatment. As a result a large area was now inflammed. She had continued the oral medicines for two more months, which, in our opinion, the reason the hiding tumors have emerged. For seven months after she had not taken oral medication. The previous scar, above the nipple.

First we injected the tumor with Compound A-20 (bloodroot salve processed in distilled water and then filtered). If the tumor is soft, we know it new and perhaps little more than puss that is beginning to harden (an indication the body is working to isolate toxic substances). If when the needle enters with difficulty (as though injecting rubber) and the fluid is difficult to disperse, we know the tumor is old (the center of the tumor) and has come up from deeper inside. Injection is also used as a diagnostic tool - to check for depth, hardness, if there is blood in the tumor, if there is feeling or pain in the tumor, if there is puss, etc.

Injection with 6 cc of Compound A-20, in five places, showed most of the tumor to be very soft. Only one spot was hard and difficult in inject, indicative of an old tumor. This old tumor was under the previous scar, at the tip of the needle above.

After three days, we were able to aspirate 25 cc of redish puss from what were once 'fungus' or perhaps 'puss pockets', that eminated from the central tumor or tumors. Afterward, long empty cavities, the size of fingers, could be felt beneath the areas drained. We had only injected a total of 6 cc of Compound A-20. Within a few days the cavities closed to become consistent with the feel and density of healthy breast tissue.

The injections caused three tumors to rise up (the action of white blood cells pushing them from the body) as visible lumps. Most parts of the tumors were soft and liquifying. But four central areas remained hard and required more aggressive treatment. So after puilling 40cc of pinkish puss out of the breast with a syringe, we covered the remaining hard areas with Compound A Mild, surrounded with Compound BVC to protect healthy skin areas. Covering the area is a plastic similar to kitchen plastic wrap, that sticks to itself, and to the Compounds, to hold themin place. The plastic wrap is later taped over the edges for added security.

As her skin was thin here, due to the tumors having risen up, only the Mild bloodroot salve was required. The salve was left on for 24 hours, cleaned with H2O2, then salved again for 4 hours. After 4 days, the tumors were exposed, had died, and were coming out. The bloodroot salve we use is very mild, this causing very little irritation. Mostly she felt itching more than pain during application.

We further hastened the tumor removal and cleaning process by covering each hole with sodium bicarbonate mixed wtih Compound I-5. This causes dead tumor material to liquify and drain out of the breast, and to increase the pH - alkalinize - the area - which further kills tumors that need a low ph - acid - envrionment. Process not shown here.

Her second and final set of treatments ended with no signs of cancer having returned. Her scars have not yet completly healed in this photo, but in time will be level and be colorless, if using Compound C to hasten healing and limit scaring. Dark areas around the scars are due to the application of tape to secure bandages. They will fade with time.

Mrs. O experienced some moderate levels of pain, as do all who fight cancers, regardless of the method chosen. But the pain was generally limited to times when the tumors were dying and separating from the healthy tissues. We were able to mitigate the pain with the use of magnesium that was injected with Vitamin C infusions, and with the use of Compopud BVC salve, which also contains magnesium and various ginger roots that also mitigate pain. Frequent baths is Compound V / Vita Bath with added Compound SO / Lemon Body and Bath Oil help to rapidly detoxify, relax, and mitigate pain too.

Pain can also be experienced from 'roots', that can extended this case as far as 40 cm from the tumor. As they shrivel and die, their seperation can be irritating as well. Also treatments, when salves or injections are applied, can be painful. But while in the clinic and receiving therpaies, pain can be mitigated with inhaled nitrous oxide gas, and/or injected analgesics, as seen in sixth photo above, shown with added Lidocaine (a coca plant derivative) in the syringe, and with topical analgesic cremes.

As Mrs. O lives far from our clinic, we have not been able to take a photo of the breast fully healed. She has informed us the breast remains soft, no lumps, no pain, no irritation and the scars are level and colorless five months (after the above photo was taken).

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