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Profile Mr. P,
Disease Category 3

Severe skin tumors, cancers, parasites; abnormal skin growth, metastatic skin cancer, visible lymphoma


PAGE AND THERAPY IN PROGRESS, and updated as therapy continues.

Mr. P, 35, has repeatedly suffered from skin cancer. He had endured three operations to remove tumors from his upper back, as seen in the photo below. He came to us seeking assistance in the removal of persistant moles from all over his body. Mr. P. stated that he'd had some of the moles removed before, but that they had often not only returned but also multiplied. He displayed several differing types of growths, some benign, some metastatic.

Mr. P was prescribed Treatment Calendar 3. Over the course of 25 days, Mr. P swallowed capsules of Yellow Powder/ Compound B and Red Salve/ Compound D. He was also prescribed mutliple hot baths with Magnesium (Epsom Salts) added to the water. His reactions to the medicines have been fast and somewhat large in scope. The medicine has worked very well for him.

Traditional Black Salve/ Compound A MILD has been applied to approximately 40 spots on Mr. P's back, side, and shoulders. The red areas indicate tumors reacting from beneath the skin.

The normal course of action is normally to apply Salve to no more than three at a time. The problem is there are so many and so well-established, that we felt it necessary to attack an entire area at once. This tratment was augmented with oral medicines, namely Compound A and B. He also use Yellow Salve/ Compound BV on areas where we did not want to apply too much Traiditional Black Salve, but still need to keep the area(s) medicated with bloodroot and other anti-cancer herbs.

A close-up of the previous three surgeries on his upper back, to remove large embedded cancers from below the upper skin layers.

Photo one of three. A raised growth that may or may not be cancerous. As Mr. P has had several basal cell carcinomas, we were concerned this could also become cancerous. In any case, it was easy to apply medicine and allow it to die and fall off.

Photo two of three. After one application of Traditional Black Salve/ Compound A MILD, the growth has shriveled and is now mostly dead. But some virus remains beneath the surface.

Photo three of three. After a second application of Salve, the growth has both fallen off, and shrunk below. The area will soon heal and will not show a scar. Mr. P. keeps the area covered with Healing Salve/ Compound A for quick healing and protection against scaring and infection.

Photo one of two. A possible basel cell carcinoma, two days after the first application of Mild Black Salve. The top has hollowed out, and the area below has swollen and is dying.

Photo two of two. Three days after a second application of Mild Black Salve, the growth has come off. A small amount of root remains below, We covered the skin area with Yellow Salve/ Compound B. Compound B is a very mellow version of Black Salve, with more herbs. It's broader-spectrum action will insure the area remains virus free. The root liquified and left within a day. The open skin quickly healed with Healing Salve/ Compound C.

Photo one of two. Much to Mr. P's surprise, what appears to be the mother node, or the main cancer, is located just under the skin of his shoulder.

One application of Mild Black Salve produced a large soft tumor, just under the skin (yellow circle). It appears to be aout 2cm in diameter and about 8cm in length. The entire skin area around the tumor is red and inflammed. Because there is a large skin tag mole with an approximate age of 15 years, we are of the opinion this is where his disease originates. The entire area is covered with Healing Salve/ Compound C to prevent drying. The area must be kept moist at all times.

Photo two of two. The large main tumor has since erupted and spewed a large volume of yellow fluid, indicative of dead soft tumor.

We can say with certainty the cause of this huge infestation of virus and fungus is not only due to sun exposure, but that it was augmented with high sugar consumption. Sugar is virus and cancer food, plain and simple.

After 9 days, the shoulder is nearly healed. Mr. P applied Healing Salve/ Compound C continuously. He says there is no pain, that the area feels light and new again. 

He experienced large amounts of yellow liquid exiting the area that shows the scab, on the middle left, above. Yellow liquid, similar to a custard in appearance, is indicative of cancer virus having died and liquefied, a welcome effect of Salve therapy.

Now his upper back appears healthier too. Red marks, where tumors have fallen off, will eventually turn white and not show scars - unlike the three unsuccessful surgeries scars seen above, that will not improve much in appearance. Overall skin tone has improved, indicative of better skin immunities.  

Mr. P is past all danger of metastasis now. He will continue to take oral medicines, per the Disease Category 3 treatment calendar, until all tumors have left.

PAGE AND THERAPY IN PROGRESS, and updated as therapy continues.

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