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Profile Mr. U.
Disease Category 3

Severe skin tumors, cancers, parasites; abnormal skin growth, metastatic skin cancer, visible lymphoma

Difficult, long-term skin parasites,
that lead to viral infections.

25-year-old Mr. U had hosted a soft lump on his shoulder for nearly two years. In Indonesia, such growths are generally ignored, considered a part of life, often "a sign from God". Mr. U had been displaying increased mood swings. And when the lump was touched or squeezed, his mood quickly darkened, even though there was no pain.

Although the skin on and around the parasite appears healthy, it is actually heavily diseased just below the upper epidermis.

A mound, 2 cm in height and diameter, has been on Mr. U's shoulder for two years.

Because the lump was very soft and pliable, similar in feel to the nipple of a baby feeding bottle, we knew it not originally viral. And waste from the parasite was causing mood swings, possibly due to self-protecting toxins released from the parasite when disturbed.

The embedded creature was beginning to spread disease to the surrounding tissues, perhaps affecting the lymphatic system as well.

Mr. U. was alarmed by recent swelling and pain for the first time in its two-plus year history. We were concerned that perhaps disease had set in due to the chronic infestation. Cancer is generally the result of chronic irritation. In this case, due to an embedded sand worm or insect.

Mr. U. recalled having lain in the sand at a beach in northern Sulawesi. Something had bit him, but the irritation had quickly passed, reminiscent of a mosquito bite.

It appeared as though the infestation was beginning to spread, evinced by surrounding small pustules. Perhaps the parasite was reproducing or extending itself. In the end, we had discovered the animal had burrowed down into Mr. U's flesh more than 2 cm, from skin level. With the height of the lump, the creature had grown to at least 3.8 cm in length.

Had Mr. U not waited so long, the parasite would have been much easier to eliminate. There were recent indications it had spread to other areas too, his chest, an arm, his neck. Because of the possibility of early-stage cancer, we elected to use traditional black salve both orally and on this skin, at the main parasite location.

We preceded external application with two days of Traditional Black Salve/ Compound A - Mild in capsules. Within 24 hours we noticed changes on his shoulder. The pustules began to redden and erupt. The main parasite location began to swell. This type of reaction is one of the best indicators or viral action in the body, the primary "Internal Black Salve Test."

On the third day, we applied a thin layer of Traditional Black Salve/ Compouond A- STRONG to the top half of the parasite mound, approximately 1 cm in diameter (the mound was approximately 2 cm). In this case we elected to treat the infestation with a heavy and quick application, to determine the extent of viral infestation, as well as the insect's reaction to the Salve.

In only 30 minutes of application, the outlying pustules had begun to swell and erupt from the salve application, indicating viral infection. We prefer to precede with oral use of Black Salve, so that the infestation will begin to move outward. If Salve is only applied eternally, it's possible the infestation can be further pressed inward. We removed the Salve with alcohol (only on the first application. Subsequent applications may require the use of soap and water, or hydrogen peroxide instead).

If the skin was healthy, 30 minutes of application would normally produce little effect. But after removing the Salve, 30 minutes later, the indications were serious and obvious. Early stage viral infection was spreading with the creature. We were very fortunate to catch it at an early stage.

This is an extreme close-up, with flash. The mound has grown in height and swollen in diameter by about a centimeter.

After 30 minutes of Traditional Black Salve/ Compound A - STRONG application, the breathing port opened, showing considerable distress for creature from within. The skin surrounding the port was highly affected, showing infection as well. Due to previous oral application, the creature is pushing outward, instead of further inward. Mr. U's previous applications, of antibiotics and creams, had served to push the creature inward, had not succeeding it killing it. Surgery would have been difficult, may not have completely excised the tendrils.

The original application point, black in color, is also the abdomen of the parasite.

The center black spot also the tip of the creature's abdomen, is still alive - as evinced by movement and irritation within the skin by about 2 cm. Salve has been applied three times, to the blackened center area, now five days into therapy.

Black Salve was only applied to the dark center area. The surrounding skin tissues were highly diseased and have reacted accordingly. Swelling has increased some, indicative of wider infection. Mr. U is in considerable pain, but has mitigated with the use of topical analgesic lotion and Tylenol.

The action of white corpuscles upon the diseased tissues causes them and the parasite to be pushed from the body, an effect of the healthy body's immune response.

After 7 days, the creature is dead. The diseased tissue is about to slough from the shoulder. A needle into the abdomen shows it to be hollow now, and about 1.5 cm in length. But below the new cavity is hardened tissue, that had no feeling when poked with the needle. the Salve will do it's most important work.

Another day and the first layers of diseased tissue have risen, held on by only the remains of the creature. It's very important to allow the human immune system to push out the parasite, and not to tug on it.

Until now, Traditional Black Salve was applied a total of 3 times, only to the center/ abdomen of the creature. A surrounding 2 cm area was diseased and very quickly succumbed to the Salve. The exposed tissue below appears healthy, as swelling has diminished.

The upper cap has sloughed off. The exposed tissue below is healthy. In the center remains the root of the creature, not quite dead.

A layer of petroleum jelly of Healing Salve/ Compound C keeps the new tissue moist, and guards against a new application of salve on Mr. U's new tissue. Mr. U felt no pain, indicative of proper placement.

Important the wound remain clean and covered with petroleum jelly (or Healing Salve/ Compound C) until it is healed, no longer exposed. During the time Salve is in use, there is no danger of infection.

After another day, the remaining parasite tissue has shrunk and is beginning to separate from Mr. U's shoulder. The surrounding tissue has reduced swelling, indicative of tissue health.

After two more weeks the parasite has sloughed from the body, and all surrounding tissues have begun to heal.

Mr. U. took Traditional Black Salve/ Compound A - MILD orally for a total of seven days. The beginning dermal application was for three days, followed by two days of direct application on the parasite body. A total of three weeks has passed. All surrounding pustules have vanished, with no further sign of problems on his back, neck, or chest. We are confindent the entire parasite, tendrils and pre-cancerous tissues have been expelled from his body, due in part to his oral consumption of the Salve, as well as dermal.

Some people like to use a mixture or goldenseal root and petroleum jelly during the healing phase. Some add comfrey to reduce scaring. Healing Salve/ Compound C works very well for this purpose.

Note: A check three years later shows no sign of relapse and a scar that is fully healed, barely shows.

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