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Profile of Mrs. M.
Disease Category Nineteen:

Arthritis, swollen achy joints, and related diseases.

Mrs. M, 64, was desperate for help with her very sore legs. She had a very difficult time walking, complained of arthritis and inflammation. She has suffered from her condition for four years.

Swollen legs and foot pads have kept Ibu M. in pain for four years. She says she has arthritis. Her swollen feet pads are elevated by nearly 2 cm over normal. She said it was like 'walking on needles', that a feeling of 'crawling ants' kept her awake at night ('samutan' is a feeling describing active nerves stimulation due to inflammation).

We suspected Mrs. M. had endured too much exposure to swamp areas, such as rice paddy or alang-alang (tall grass) fields. It could be that she has either been exposed to agricultural chemicals that have decreased her immunities, or perhaps and including burrowing parasites. She may also be deficient in diet, also decreasing immunities.

There are several swollen nodules on her calves, that may be indicative of parasitism. The tops of her feet and ankles were also highly enflamed.

We printed-out the treatment calendar for Disease Category Nineteen: Arthritis, swollen achy joints, and related diseases. She followed it for the prescribed 25 days with diligence. We limited soy, sugar and msg in her diet. She'd no idea these could be causing her problems. She took by mouth capsules of Yellow Powder/ Compound B and Red Salve/ Compound D. She also bathed in hot water with magnesium salt - Epsom Salts.

Virtually everything from her toe up to and including her knees is inflamed. There may be various causes.

Mrs. M experienced more pain in this area above the left ankle than other areas. She wrapped it with layers of gauze, to 'hold in the heat'. Swelling increased for a time before reducing. We could only surmise this the heart of the virus and therefore stronger and requiring more time to heal.

Mrs. M. continued to alternate between Yellow Salve/ Compound BV and Healing Salve/ Compound C application on all areas of the feet and calves. She said every day brought relief and improvement in reduced swelling, as well as skin tone.

Impressions from gauze wrapping on her calf can be seen. She continued to wrap the area where the swelling was most enduring, but said it had reduced to near zero. She wanted to continue wrapping as a precaution, until all pain had vanished.

As far as we know, no parasites had emerged from the skin. She said her urine was dark and thick a few times, that she had increased her water intake per our instructions. She said there was only one time when her emotions were high (but not extreme), but that she had a few bad dreams over a few nights - indicating the medicine was working, that the virus was dying. When a virus dies, it stops producing the opiates that convince the body that's it's okay for the body to host it. When the opiates are no longer produced, the body goes through a withdrawal of sorts, causing a type of panic, a sure indicator of working medicine.

After completion of the 25 day calendar, swelling has reduced by at least 95%. Mrs. M said she could now walk far without a cane and felt almost no pain in her feet and legs. She asked to continue to calendar for another 25 days, which she did, resulting in complete healing of her leg problems.

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