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Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is also known for its world-class restaurants, bars, beach clubs, hotels and yoga meditation retreats. BSI International offers two locations in Canggu & Jimbaran. BSI/Canggu is specifically for Vitamin IV Infusion’s and BSI/Jimbaran is for Level II in-depth testing, deep analysis and natural treatments. Both locations offer Level I (moderate-dose) and Level II (high-dose) therapies, and Level II in-depth testing, deep analysis and treatment is currently only available at BSI/Jimbaran.

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BSI & Covid-19 Considerations for Staff and Public

  • BSI Staff cleans all hand and body-touch surfaces each two hours, and when needed in-between.

  • BSI BY DESIGN Cotton-blend masks for Staff and Patients. We have created and use hand-made, best quality, washable masks that filter better than C-95 and other lesser paper-type masks. Get yours today. The most comfortable mask you will wear.

  • Announcing Disinfection Generators at all BSI locations. You can breathe safely at BSI. BSI is now among the first to fully employ Disinfection Generators in all patient areas of our clinics.  And now hospitals and other clinics are beginning to use it too, with great success. What does this mean for patients and staff at BSI? Simple, we can be assured of no infection from air or surfaces while at BSI. BSI Disinfection Generators not only filter and moisturize air-conditioned air, but also fully sterilize virus, bacteria, and fungus in both the surrounding air and on all nearby surfaces (walls, floors, chairs, door handles, etc.) As an added bonus, the DG also adds highly beneficial negative ions to the air. And because the sterile mist these produce is also pulled into the central air conditioning systems, pathogens there are also cleared, making for a sweeter, more human-friendly atmosphere.

  • The Disinfection Generator (DG) sterilizes and cleanses surrounding air, and all surfaces that come into contact with the fresh air it generates. The main ingredient is HOCL (hypochlorous acid) – a simple non-irritating water-based solution derived from salt electrolyzed in water, that when continuously exposed, will sterilize surfaces and air encountered over time. Actually good for lungs and skin. HOCL. Hypochlorous acid is naturally generated by white blood cells in the human body, that destroy pathogens (a major part of strong immunities). HOCL is a naturally-occurring weak acid, produced by the human body, by neutrophils (white blood killer cells). HOCL can break down cell walls of bacteria, spores, fungus, and viruses, naturally not harming healthy cells and tissues. Hospitals, airports, public buildings are only just now beginning to employ this new simple technology. The DG adds moisture to the air, that is normally removed by air conditioning. And the DG also works to sterilize the vents and duct work of air conditioning systems. Greatly filters dust, microbes, virus, bacteria, fungus, smoke and more from the air, trapping it in water at the bottom of the unit. Please see the flyer we have provided regarding HOCL salt water electrolyte.

  • Yayasan BSI International Clinics is not required to close by local and regional governments. We are fully licensed to work with the public to help quell the spread of the myriad diseases that in consort make Covid-19.

  • Leading doctors in Russia and China have recently declared intravenous vitamin C to be the main cure for Covid-19. Multiple evidence is now widely known that keeping immunities strong with IV Vitamin C is highly beneficial in remaining free of this group of diseases known as Covid-19.

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