The BSI General Manager Job Description

The BSI General Manager (GM) ensures that all departments and facilities run smoothly and offer high-quality, 5-star healthcare to every patient, and full support of all staff and their needs.

During day-to-day operations, the General Manager may engage in the following tasks (These duties would be turned-over the GM on a gradual basis, from the business owner, one by one):

  • Primarily, the GM would design and implement ideas and strategies for expansion and efficiency.
  • The GM would be on-call as needed, unless other arrangements are made in advance, with subordinate staff members to cover absences.
  • Monitor budget and billing payments in cooperation and supervision of the Finance Manager.
  • Manage policies and procedures, ensuring that best practices are followed, and resolving cases where the facility is out of compliance.
  • Oversee setting of staff schedules, with all department heads.
  • Liaise with doctors and nurses to identify potential needs or changes
  • Implement and review weekly or monthly department head reports
  • Arrange cleaning and / or emergency maintenance services as necessary
  • Resolve potential issues with patients
  • Identify and assign sales promotions and changes as needed, with Social Media and Print Media Staff, and BSI owners.
  • Oversee compliance with current healthcare regulations, medical laws and high ethical standards, in cooperation with Front Office and Financial Staff.
  • Oversee Inventory of medical equipment and supplies, with Lab, Toko, Nursing Staff, etc.
  • Oversee the Financial Department and Front Office Staff, such as ordering medical supplies; managing the revenue cycle; and overseeing patient billing, claims, and reimbursement
  • Create policies that support operations and the provision of excellent care
  • Analyzing work flows and updating strategies to improve the efficiency of services
  • Develop and augment departmental goals and objectives for workers to improve the patient experience, as discerned by weekly or monthly computerized department head reports.
  • Staff oversight includes;
    • HRD and recruitment, etc. Includes co-interviewing all new hires.
    • Lab functions, legal compliance needs, cleanliness, etc. Includes Medicines Manufacture and Blood lab.
    • Transportation, staff, equipment, and scheduling.
    • Building Maintenance, leases, licensing, utilities, etc.
    • Cleaning Services and staff.
    • Print Shop, and Print Media Specialist work and operations
    • Social Media operations.
    • Doctor and nursing staff needs.
    • IT department and operations, which includes computers, internet, etc.
    • Financial operations, which includes payroll, expenses, records, retail, purchasing, etc.
    • Front Office operations, which includes patient communications, records keeping, etc.
    • Security operations.
    • Create and hold regular meetings with various staff and departments.
    • Organize occasional parties / gatherings / outings, etc.
    • Prepare reports to the Board of Directors as needed, with help from department heads.
    • Review on-line weekly or monthly reports from department heads and act as needed.

Requirements and Skills

  • Indonesian citizen.
  • Adequate conversational English and mastery of Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of accounting, data and administrative processes and principles.
  • Understanding and appreciation of alternative healthcare.
  • Ability to handle medical records discreetly.
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills.
  • Ability to multi-task and perform well in stressful situations.
  • Communication skills and a customer service orientation.
  • Education and or experience in Healthcare Administration, Business, Hotel, or relevant field.
  • Efficient knowledge about the different computer system software.
  • Team player, fully dedicated to the job, as a leader and example of excellent working skills.
  • Hands-on experience with database systems and MS Excel, WordPerfect, etc.
  • Sales and marketing experience, in relation to medical practice.