How Yellow Powder / Compound B and Compound BVC Work

by I Wayan Nyepi – Traditional Healer

Like most natural medicines, Yellow Powder / Compound B contains potent alkaloids.

Alkaloids are types of highly-specific toxins. The alkaloid toxins in Yellow Powder / Compound B are proven to affect only specific types of disease, and do not harm healthy tissues, because of the nuetral pH factor of the Compound. Yellow Powder / Compound B is not an eschariotic, unlike Compounds A and D.

Yellow Powder / Compound B
7 or 19 grams (net weight).

Yellow Powder/ Compound B
7 or 19 grams (net weight).

Small or Large size.

Contents: food-grade zinc powder, wild-crafted bloodroot,
Javanese temu lawak, Balinese kunyit kuning, Javanese temu kunci,
Javanese galangal, and magnesium powder.

Yellow Powder / Compound B is NOT an eschariotic.

Yellow Powder / Compound B is our own non-eschariotic version of Red Salve / Compound D, as described below. It serves to redouble medicine when escahariotic Salve A or D cannot be used.

Yellow Powder / Compound B can be applied directly to skin or swallowed when inserted in gelatin capsuls. It can also be made into an alchohol or vinager tincture, or added to Vaseline. It is often applied topically, in conjunction with other salves, preferably Compounds A or D.


The most active alkaloid is sanguinarine. This comes from the root of a wild herb called sanguinaria canadensis, also known as bloodroot. Sanguinarine toxin is specific to virus cells, most importantly many kinds of virus that create various cancers. Bloodroot also contains at least 15 other known alkaloids and flavonoids that also target various virus and undesirable bacteria. Generally speaking, cancers are initially supported by undesireable bacteria, in conjuction with virus.


Yellow Powder / Compound B also contains an alkaloid named galangin. Galangin comes from the root of a plant called galangal, that grows here in Indonesia. Galangal additionally contains at least 14 other potent alkaloids and flavonoids, all proven to kill cancer and other virus, and corresponding bad bacteria. Galangin is a potent immune system stimulant.

In addition to all of the ingredients contained in Tradtional Bloodroot Salve/ Compound A, we have added 3 more roots, also from the zingerbrachea root family, from which the traditional galangal also comes. Temu lawak, kunyit kuning, and temu kunci. These three roots add at least 20 more beneficial alkaloids, each effective in the treatment of differing virus and bacteria conditions, making the medicine more ‘broad spectrum’ in effect.

We also add powdered zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is added to vitamins, cosmetics, sun protection cream, deodorants, and toothpastes. The zinc acts as a vehicle for the alkaloids, that opens a pathway to the diseased tissue cells, similar to the action of a tincture. Zinc, in balanced combination with the sanguarine and galangin, speeds the action of the alkaloids. Zinc oxide is also highly anti-virus.

Another mineral of great value in healing is magnesium sulfate. When used both orally and externally, the magnesium is easily and rapidly abosorbed into the digestive system, and into tumors and parasites in the skin. It serves to relax both muscle and nerves.

Yellow Powder / Compound B is intended for supplemental use with Compounds A and D. It can be taken orally, to increase the amount of benefit from the potent roots. Yellow Powder, when combined with Vaseline, can also be applied directly to skin, surrounding an area of treatment, or directly on an area when escariotic salve is no longer in use. It serves to keep infection away and speed healing. Compound BVC / Yellow Salve is a combination of Yellow Powder, virgin coconut oil, and Vaseline, readily available from BSi International Clinic.

Some people find this highly potent compound effective as a supplment to the eschariotics, in treatment of difficult
cancers, especially those of the digestive tract. The added alkaloids help to cure a wider range of virus and parasite problems. It
also works to increase energy, augment digestion, and tends to elevate mode. The added magensium helps to reduce pain, elevate mood, and speed elimination.

Yellow Powder / Compound B can either be applied to the skin directly, or better mixed with either alchohol, vinager, or Vaseline. Please see the Yellow Powder / Compound B page for dosage information, and the Techniques page for additional information.

1) Mixed with alcohol: Yellow Powder / Compound B is often mixed with pure ethyl (grain) alchohol to make a tincture. This tincture is used orally to quickly carry the medicines to the liver and lymphatic system. Applied externally, it serves to increase the alakloids dosage to difficult parasites and tumors, without causing the area to become more acidic or irritated. BSI sells this as Compound B Tincture. It is often added to a water steamer, used in inhalation to cure lung problems.

2) Mixed with white vinegar: Yellow Powder / Compound B can also be mixed with white vinegar, to make a slightly acidic tincture. Its action then becomes similar to the eschariotics, but to a much lesser extent, generally about 10% of the potency, as comparred to Escariotic Salves A & D.

3) Mixed with Vaseline: Yellow Powder/ Compound B can be mixed with Vaseline. Vaseline is vitally important, used to seal an open eschar during treatment. When Yellow Powder is mixed with the Vaseline that is applied to the skin, it serves to slowly medicate the area, works as a natural antibiotic and pain reliever. Note that it’s important not to use any kind of healing compounds or commerical antibiotics during the expuslion process, or healing will be delayed or stopped. Healing Salve can be applied after the tumor or parasite has completely been expelled from the body. BSI sells this mixture as Compound BVC.

As the virus dies, the immune system is triggered to produce white blood cells, mucous, and inflammation, that serve to carry the disease from the body.

All BSI International medicines are hand-made in traditional ways. We offer the best quality and potency available.


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