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Immunity Booster 2022 - Long & Short Courses

From the International Leader in science-based alternative medicines and therapies, BSI International Clinics offers to super-boost immunities with right-for-the-times therapies. The Immune Booster 2022 is offered in both Short Course (for prevention of – or due to lesser effects of – virus and graphene shedding) and the Long Course (for those who have been infected, vaccinated, or are suffering the effects of infection). This is a special ‘Members Only’ package, offered through December, of 2022. Immunity Booster 

These courses are a combination of;

  • Vitamin & Mineral Infusions (includes NAC, Vitamin C, Silver Hydrosol and herbal distillates),
  • Oral Nutraceuticals (to increase the effect of the infusions and oral tonics), and
  • Jamu Jo Oral Tonics (includes large dose Shikimic Acid, highly effective in combating spike proteins and mutated virus strains).

Optimal Health & Prevention

“Physician: Heal thyself”. Consider that each individual is personally responsible for his or her own healing. In this age of extremes, from every conceivable vector (virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, radiation, stress to name but a few) immunities are tried and fried – we must do all we can to stay ahead of the norm, attain and maintain super health and ultimately super-longevity.

immunity booster
BSI Immunity Booster 2022

Beneficial Reactions

Please know that you may experience certain (beneficial) reactions to this therapy – usually fever, stomach discomfort, chills, etc. These reactions mean the body is stronger and that disease is healing. Remember that the body bakes-out disease with fever, and that the body only heals during sleep and rest.

The Herxheimer Effect

On very rare occasion, some people, when first receiving Silver Hydrosol (and other healing agents such as DMSO / IV Vitamin C), have experienced the so-called Herxheimer Effect, a result of silver very efficiently neutralizing pathogens and stimulating immunities too fast for the body to dispose of through normal elimination channels. This forces the body to utilize the secondary eliminative organs: lungs, sinuses, skin, and more. Experiences that may feel like a cold or the flu, diarrhea, cold shakes, etc. These are considered beneficial reactions, in that the immune system has been activated, and is working to heal from pathogens and toxins.

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