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Keladi tikus
Typhonium flagelliforme (Lodd.) Bl.


Nama umum
Indonesia: Keladi tikus
Inggris: Rodent tuber
Typhonium flagelliforme

Kingdom: Plantae (Tumbuhan)
Subkingdom: Tracheobionta (Tumbuhan berpembuluh)
Super Divisi: Spermatophyta (Menghasilkan biji)
Divisi: Magnoliophyta (Tumbuhan berbunga)
Kelas: Liliopsida (berkeping satu / monokotil)
Sub Kelas: Arecidae
Ordo: Arales
Famili: Araceae (suku talas-talasan)
Genus: Typhonium
Spesies: Typhonium flagelliforme (Lodd.) Bl.



Herbal Cancer

PLANT MEDICINES - rodent tuber

Herbal Cancer

Typhoniumflagelliforme (Lodd) BL.

taro tikuskeladi mice

CLASSIFICATION: Plant tuber called typhonium flagelliforme Rat (Lodd.) Bl. or Typhoniumdivaricum (L.) Decne plants belonging to the family Araceae. This plant is known by the name of the region of small evenly spaced, leaf Panta milk, kalamayong, ileus, ki pigs, anteaters mentik, rodenttuber foreign names.

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: The results of various institutes and colleges in Malaysia and some countries have shown that the plant extract (juice) can destroy cancer cells. The results showed: Kill / inhibit pertumbumbuhan cancer cells, eliminating the adverse effects of chemotherapy, anti-virus and anti-bacterial.

Testimonial Cured Of Cancer
Cancer cured with taro rat uterus

One of our customers who come from eastern Java Jember tell his story.
he was in a verdict by a doctor suffering from cervical cancer stage 3, and must be in operation soon, but its effects after the surgery he will not be able to have children dikarena cancer cells stick to adhesive on the wall of the uterus.

Due to fear of these patients eventually seek other treatment solutions and found the rodent tuber. Patients consume taro mice with a dose of 9 capsules / day for approximately one month, after which he was seen of the photo rongent check the cancer cells are separated from the uterus finally held a small operation to take the cancer cells. 2 weeks post-surgery patients consume rodent tuber back to recovery. and to the present state of wal afiat healthy patients.

Recovered from the cysts

Thank God one of my patients get well with herbs, 2 months ago one of my patients complain of cysts on her ovaries on ultrasound had a great 4 x 6 x 7 cm and waiting in the surgery. then I suggest mengkonsonsumsi mice taro, mango turmeric (turmeric white), pearl grass, and white Intersection (curcuma zedoaria) 2 months after taking the herbs, the ultrasound said it was not found anymore ovarian cysts.
Dr Clinic. Liza herbal-Bogor. Email Dr. Liza:

Rodent tuber serves as a barrier and cancer killer. My patients who suffer from breast cancer, uterus and lungs after eating rodent tuber with other ingredients indicate the presence of cancer reduction. In addition to all kinds of diseases to be cured if they should try to avoid stress. Stress experienced by cancer patients, if not immediately diatasai it will facilitate the spread of cancer.

Test results of empirical

From the empirical test (based on experience) the treatment of cancer, some types of cancer that can be cured by using rodent tuber include: breast cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer.

Rodent tuber as a medicinal plant can be used whole, starting from the root, tuber, also leaves. The most common use is to eat all the plants in the form of fresh juice and drink immediately after processed. It is intended to retain as much as possible usefulness.


This plant was first researched by experts as a medicinal plant from Malayia, Dr.Chris Prof. KH Teo, Dip Agric (M), BSc Agric (Hons) (M), MS, PhD, Cancer Care is also the founder of Penang, Malaysia. Since 1995 Prof. Chris Teo researching this plant, the results showed a mixture of extracts Typhonium Flageffiforme and other natural ingredients to help detoxify the blood tissues. This herb will get better when given together with other herbal ingredients, such as bitter, Intersection pearl white and grass. This herb contains a ribosome inacting protein (RIP), antioxidants and substances antikurkumin. The combination of these three substances in a mixture of these ingredients produces mediators that stimulate the strengthening of the cells in the immune system to eradicate cancer cells.

Rodent tuber is also able to suppress the negative effects of modern treatment process (chemotherapy), such as hair loss, appetite loss, nausea and pain in the body. In the United States, precisely at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, a team led by Dr. Khaw Chin Voon, Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, conduct research and prove that effective rodent tuber extract acts as anti-tumor and anti-virus.

In China this plant is examined by Zhong Z, Zhou G, Chen X, Huang P and the Guangxi Institute of Traditional Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nanning. This research was conducted to determine the effect farmakologisnya. It is known that water and alcohol extracts of Typhonium flagelliforme have the effect of preventing cough, eliminate phlegm, analgesics, sedatives and anti-inflammatory nature, and are sedatives. At a concentration of 720 g / kg of aqueous extract, 900 g / kg of alcohol extract and 3240 g / kg of ester extracts of this plant may be toxic.


Based on the literature that records the hereditary experience from various countries and regions, this plant can cure diseases as follows:
1. Scab. Bulbs sufficiently finely ground, stick to the sick.

2. Yaws (a contagious tropical disease caused by a bacterium that enters skin abrasions and causes small lesions which may develop into deep ulcers. -ORIGIN probably from Carib.). Bulbs sufficiently finely ground, stick to a patient.

3. Cancer. breast, lung, colon, rectum, liver, prostate, kidney, cervix, throat, bone, brain, spleen, leukemia, bile and pancreas. Complete plant of 3 bars (50 grams) soaked half an hour, washed, finely ground, squeeze the cloth, add half a spoon of honey, mix, drink. Do 3 times a day. The juice should be drunk immediately, should not be stored.

4. Neutralize toxic drugs: Bulbs for the fingertips washed with boiled water, and swallowed dikeprek. Do this several times a day. (How to use it based on verbal information from a user).


1. Pregnant women are prohibited from using this drug.

2. Plants not threshed blend.

3. If your hands become itchy, wash with sugar water.

4. Mashing time, be careful not to hit the eye.

5. Water rodent tuber juice should be drunk fresh, should not be stored.

6. Nonperishable rodent tuber crops if wet, so it should be kept in the refrigerator. This way of storing three plants were rolled with paper, plastic input, store in refrigerator.

7. Drinking rodent tuber an empty stomach, at least - its lack of an hour before eating.

8. After the operation should not be directly mikeladi mice, wait 2 weeks.

9. The first two days of drinking going to be sick, a little diarrhea, black dirt and lethargic.

10. Sometimes - sometimes the patient vomiting or nausea or reduce the dose after a long drinking rodent tuber, discontinue until symptoms disappear and drink more, or reduce the dose.


Typhoniumflagelliforme (Lodd) BL.

KLASIFIKASI : Tanaman Keladi Tikus disebut typhonium flagelliforme (Lodd.) Bl. atau Typhoniumdivaricum (L .) Decne termasuk ke dalam famili tumbuhan Araceae. Tanaman ini dikenal dengan nama daerah bira kecil , daun panta susu , kalamayong, ileus, ki babi, trenggiling mentik, nama asingnya rodenttuber.

SIFAT KIMIA : Hasil penelitian dari berbagai lembaga dan perguruan tinggi di Malaysia dan beberapa negara menunjukkan bahwa sari tanaman (juice) ini dapat menghancurkan sel kanker. Hasil penelitian menunjukan : Membunuh / menghambat pertumbumbuhan sel kanker, menghilangkan efek buruk khemoterapi, bersifat anti virusdan anti bakteri.

Berdasarkan berbagai literatur yang mencatat pengalaman secara turun temurun dari berbagai negara dan daerah, tanaman ini dapat menyembuhkan penyakit-penyakit sebagai berikut :
1. Koreng. Umbi secukupnya ditumbuk halus, tempelkan ke tempat sakit.
2. Frambusia. Umbi secukupnya ditumbuk halus, tempelkan ke tempat yang sakit .
3. Kanker. payudara, paru-paru, usus besar, rectum, liver, prostat, ginjal, leher rahim, tenggorokan, tulang, otak, limpa, leukemia, empedu dan pankreas. Tanaman lengkap 3 batang ( 50 gram ) direndam setengah jam, dicuci, ditumbuk halus, peras dengan kain, tambahkan setengah sendok madu, campur, minum. Lakukan 3 kali sehari. Air perasan harus segera diminum, tidak boleh disimpan.
4. Menetralisir racun narkoba : Umbi sebesar ujung jari dicuci bersih dengan air matang, dikeprek dan ditelan. Lakukan beberapa kali sehari. (Cara penggunaan ini berdasarkan informasi lisan dari seorang pemakai).

1. Wanita hamil dilarang menggunakan obat ini .
2. Tanaman ditumbuk bukan diblender.
3. Jika tangan menjadi gatal, cuci dengan air gula .
4. Waktu menumbuk, hati –hati jangan kena mata .
5. Air sari keladi tikus harus diminum segar, tidak boleh disimpan .
6. Tanaman keladi tikus mudah busuk jika basah, jadi harus disimpan di kulkas. Cara ini menyimpan 3 tanaman digulung dengan kertas , masukan plastik, simpan di kulkas.
7. Minum keladi tikus waktu perut kosong, sekurang – kurang nya sejam sebelum makan .
8. Sesudah operasi tidak boleh langsung mikeladi tikus, tunggu 2 minggu.
9. Dua hari pertama minum akan mual, sedikit diare, kotoran jadi hitam dan lesu.
10. Kadang – kadang pasien muntah atau atau kurangi dosisnya mual sesudah lama minum keladi tikus, hentikan dulu sampai gejala hilang dan minum lagi, atau kurangi dosisnya.


The Genus Typhonium

by Wilbert Hetterscheid

The genus Typhonium has had quite some taxonomic attention recently and therefore the species list below is quite well reviewed and reliable. The major recent taxonomic treatments are:

Hay. A., 1993. The genus Typhonium (Araceae - Areae) in Australasia. Blumea 37: 345-376.

Hetterscheid, W.L.A. & P.C. Boyce, 2000. A reclassification of Sauromatum Schott and new species of Typhonium Schott (Araceae). Aroideana 23: 48 - 55.

Hetterscheid, W.L.A., D. Sookchaloem & J. Murata, 2001. Typhonium (Araceae) of Thailand: new species and a revised key. Aroideana 24: 30 - 55.

Sookchaloem, D. 1995. Typhonium (Araceae) in Thailand. Thai For. Bull. (Bot.) 23: 18 - 39.

Sriboonma, D., J. Murata & K. Iwatsuki, 1994. A revision of Typhonium (Araceae). J. Fac. Sci. Univ. Tokyo, III, 14(4): 255 - 313.

It has been assumed by all these authors that Typhonium is a "natural" (monophyletic) genus, derived in all its species-richness from one common ancestral species. However, recent preliminary DNA studies by Dr. Susanne Renner suggest that in fact Typhonium may be an assemblage of smaller natural groups that do not root to one and the same common ancestor. In other words, groups may be missing that ought to be included in Typhonium (e.g. the genus Theriophonum) and/or groups in Typhonium do not belong there at all. A possible result is that Typhonium should be split up in a smaller remnant that may retain the name Typhonium and several closely related smaller genera (in which case possibly Sauromatum may be resurrected, or Lazarum!!), or Typhonium may be redesigned so as to include several present genera. Either solution will cause some taxonomic ripples. For now we can all feel comfy with the list below until further notice...................

The list contains only a limited number of synonyms, chosen because they are either quite recent or still often used. Other synonyms can be taken from the above cited literature.

Wilbert Hetterscheid

Lazarum mirabile A. Hay = T. mirabile

Sauromatum brevipes (Hook. f.) N.E. Br. = T. brevipes

Sauromatum gaoligongense Wang & H. Li = T. gaoligongense

Sauromatum guttatum Schott in Schott & Endlicher = T. venosum

Sauromatum pedatum (Willd.) Schott in Schott & Endlicher = T. venosum

Sauromatum venosum (Dryand. ex Aiton) Kunth = T. venosum

T. acetosella Gagn.

T. adnatum Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. albidinervum C.Z. Tang & H. Li

T. albispathum Bogn.

T. alismifolium F. Muell.

T. alpinum C.Y. Wu ex H. Li, Y. Shiao & S.L. Tseng

T. angustilobum F. Muell.

T. austrotibeticum H. Li = T. diversifolium

T. bachmaense Nguyen V.D. & Hett.

T. blumei Nicolson & Sivad.

T. bognerianum J. Murata & Sookchaloem

T. brevipes Hook. f.

T. brevipilosum Hett. & Sizemore

T. brownii Schott

T. bulbiferum Dalzell

T. circinnatum Hett. & J. Mood

T. cochleare A. Hay

T. conchiforme Hett. & A. Galloway

T. cordifolium S.Y. Hu

T. digitatum Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. divaricatum Bl. = T. roxburghii

T. diversifolium Wall. ex Schott

T. echinulatum Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. eliosurum (F. Muell. ex Benth.) O.D. Evans

T. filiforme Ridl.

T. flagelliforme (Lodd.) Bl.

T. fultum Ridl.

T. gagnepainii J. Murata & Sookchaloem

T. gallowayi Hett.

T. gaoligongense (Wang & H. Li) Hett. & P.C. Boyce

T. giganteum Engl.

T. glaucum Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. gracile (Roxb.) Schott

T. griseum Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. hayatae Sriboonma & J. Murata

T. hirsutum (S.Y. Hu) J. Murata & Mayo

T. horsfieldii (Miq.) Steenis

T. huense Nguyen V.D. & Croat

T. hunanense H. Li & Z.Q. Liu

T. inopinatum Prain

T. johnsonianum A. Hay & S.M. Taylor

T. jonesii A. Hay

T. laoticum Gagn.

T. liliifolium F. Muell. ex Schott

T. lineare Hett. & Nguyen V.D.

T. listeri Prain

T. medusae Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. mirabile (A. Hay) A. Hay

T. nudibaccatum A. Hay

T. omeiense H. Li = T. horsfieldii

T. orbifolium Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. pedatisectum Gage

T. pedunculatum Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. peltandroides A. Hay

T. penicillatum Nguyen V.D. & Hett.

T. pottingeri Prain

T. preatermissum A. Hay

T. pusillum Sookchaloem, Nguyen V.D. & Hett.

T. reflexum Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. roxburghii Schott

T. russell-smithii A. Hay

T. sagittariifolium Gagn.

T. saraburiensis Sookchaloem

T. sinhabaedyai Hett. & A. Galloway

T. subglobosum Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. taylorii A. Hay

T. tentaculatum Hett.

T. trifoliatum F.T. Wang & H.S. Lo ex H. Li, Y. Shiao & S.L. Tseng

T. trilobatum (L.) Schott

T. tubispathum Hett. & A. Galloway

T. varians Hett. & Sookchaloem

T. venosum (Dryand. ex Aiton) Hett. & P.C. Boyce

T. violaefolium Gagn.

T. watanabei J. Murata, D. Sookchaloem & Hett.

T. weipanum A. Hay

T. wilbertii A. Hay



6. Rodent tuber:
cancer cell killer!

It was the world ends. That feeling of someone if convicted cancer.
Shadow surgery or chemotherapy that will be undertaken.
But before that happens, why not try the herb taro mice?
The study in Malaysia showed that tubers can kill as well as
inhibit cancer cell growth as well as eliminating the adverse effects of chemotherapy.

Rodent tuber crops or Typhonium flagelliforme (lodd) BL is a magical plant.
This is not because property contained therein.
Even the taro mice in Malaysia is also known as Rodent tuber is also
been investigated in Universiti Sains Malaysia.
"In Indonesia, wild rodent tuber is a plant,
like weeds that were encountered at the edge of fields.
Usually the farmers dispose of these plants, "explains Yellia Mangan, an herbalist.
But after research conducted in Malaysia, the plant became popular.

According to Prof. K.L. Chan of the University Sains Malaysia (USM),
tuber extracts from mice whose height is about 25-30 cm
would be more effective if the condition is still fresh.
The results of other studies also noted that the extract of the roots is also effective for prostate cancer.
So also with the study conducted by Lam Siew Hong at USM mention
that there was an increase in antibacterial activity in the blood of catfish.

From Bulbs To Flower

As the name implies, rodent tuber shape is similar to taro or taro.
Only leaves are smaller.
That's why taro rats included in the family Araceae,
taro crop-keladian In Indonesia, the name for this rodent tuber is quite a lot.
There is no mention of small evenly spaced, leaf Panta milk, kalamoyan, ileus, ki pigs,
mentik pangolin, and gofu uninteresting.

Named rodent tuber, because the shape of the flower-like mice.
But the size of the rodent tuber that grows in East Java and West Java
quite different. To which grows in East Java, which produced larger tubers
than that in West Java. But the type of rodent tuber is actually much
contained in Pekalongan, Central Java.

But it does not matter. Because of the more important rodent tuber containing antineoplastic
or anticancer but also be efficacious as an antiviral.
Pharmacological effect which is the main drug to cope with advanced cancer.
Parts used for the treatment is the whole of the plants.
Starting from the roots (tubers), stems, leaves to the flowers.
Of course, these effects will get better when given together with other plants.
Like the hedgehog hibiscus, pearl and other grasses.

Several studies conducted in Malaysia,
rodent tuber may reduce complaints of pain or the occurrence of metastases
or spread of cancer cells.
The plant itself as said Yellia is reconstructive.
"The cells are still nice to be maintained.
Cells that are dead or damaged will be rebuilt, "he said.
Many patients whose condition improved after Yellia consuming rodent tuber.

Many of the changes that occur in cancer patients are handled.
Wounds that occur in breast cancer patients such as quick drying.
There is even a complaint patients decreases after some time consuming rodent tuber.
According to him, the patient is already experiencing severe cancer.
Because breast cancer cells have spread to the lungs even to the spinal cord.

Are toxic

That's why patients often experience shortness of breath.
But so consumed rodent tuber, the complaint is reduced.
It is recognized by Yellia, the work of rodent tuber is very effective.
Moreover, when administered together with a 'team'. But keep in mind,
rodent tuber is not recommended for preventive measures because it is toxic it is.
Instead, for the prevention of eating bitter or better
Intersection mango which can inhibit cell changes that might be malignant.

The type of cancer that can be inhibited by rodent tuber is in addition to breast cancer
nasopharyngeal cancer, liver, cancer of the cervix, pancreas, prostate, lung and many more.
In addition to cancer, according to some studies also mentioned that taro rats can be used
for people who have drug addiction.
Because it can neutralize the toxic drugs. "But I myself have not used it," added Yellia.

For patients with myoma or cysts in the uterus,
rodent tuber herb can also be used.
Taro rats given a regular basis and will make a myoma gradually shrink.
Only Yellia cautioned not to use it when not needed.
In addition, rodent tuber can also overcome the interference of the tonsils.
How to create fluid taro mice for use as a mouthwash.

That need to be considered by cancer patients, treatment with taro in running these mice,
There are some restrictions that must be done.
"Like do not consume foods containing MSG, cigarettes, alcohol, tape, pineapple, nagka,
durian, spicy foods, meatballs, fried foods, soft drinks, ice, sprouts or mustard greens.
Because these foods can neutralize the effects of the drug rodent tuber itself, "explains Yellia.


To inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
Take 3 stalks taro complete rat, weighing about 50 grams.
Wash and then soak for 30 minutes.
Finely crushed and then wring the cloth.
The water then drink juice.

Rodent tuber can also be used as a remedy for sores.
How, mashed taro root mice and then stick in a place that had scabs.

Prohibited for Pregnant Women

Because it is very toxic or toxic, the
There are some things which, according to Yellia Manganese, must be considered

Rodent tuber is better not to be consumed in raw form.
It's good in a form that has been dried or capsule.

Giving taro mice to eliminate the effects of chemotherapy is given after 1 week of chemotherapy.
Rodent tuber is not recommended for healthy people or as a preventive measure against cancer.
Better to eat a mango Intersection to prevent breast cancer or uterine cancer for white Intersection.

Be used when there is a benign tumor.
That, too, not just rodent tuber is given,
but also with other medicinal plants.

Pregnant women should not consume taro mice.
In sensitive people, taro rats can cause itching or nausea.
When that happens, the addition of sugar or honey to neutralize the taste.
Just to note for people who suffer from diabetes.

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It's not just about killing cancer....

But also about ending the causes of cancer
so it is no longer needed by the body.
The body expels disease when properly nourished.

Alternative web sites often are lost, are made illegal in the current political climate.

Because of the intrinsic value of this information for the reader, we at BSI, in addition to providing a link to the reference, also reprint it here for safe keeping. We kindly invite the author to contact us.

It appears obvious in many cancer-related publications, the author may be leery of liability. As such one must often read-between-the-lines, to understand what is revealed there. 

"Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, and the major media destroy information." ~ Michael Ellner

"Anti-dandruf shampoos cause dandruf and scalp disorders. Weight loss foods and drugs cause weight gain. Prescription drugs cause disease. Health insurance destroys health. Television and advertising kill individuality and inspiration." ~ I Wayan Nyepih




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