Therapies - Level II

Levels 2 & 3
Members Custom Prescribed IV Therapy

Personalized High-Dose

Not-for-Profit BSI International Clinics at Bali is on your side, here to help. Our Herbal Compound Medicines, Jamu Jo Oral Tonics, with Vita and Medi Intravenous Infusions Therapy greatly strengthen immunities and help to heal a wide variety of ailments. Our services are fully unique and truly unknown in the modern medical world.

For existing BSI member patients, therapies begin by prescription from modern science-based testing, diagnosis, and analysis.  Followed by;

  • Specific personalized prescription for natural and / or conventional IV infusions,
  • Herbal medicines
  • Holistic integrative therapies.

Your lifetime membership with BSI allows free email inquiries regarding conditions we can treat, and questions regarding your therapy. It also allows for high dose infusions, prescribed for you when needed. You may also receive occasional special offers, if requested. With three locations in Bali, BSI is the largest provider of the highest quality IV infusions. All services are doctor and nurse-practitioner supervised and prescribed. Doctors are available Monday through Friday during business hours, and via in-house telephone other times.

Or you can Email or Call, WhatsAp

Because BSI is a not-for-profit corporation, we operate like a regular corporation, however profits are reinvested back into the Clinic rather than paid out to others. BSI invests in and purchases the highest quality ingredients and equipment available. No shortcuts. Only the best.