Product - Bloodroot
Compound BCM
Herbal Cancer & Pathogen Medicine
Compound BCM Herbal Cancer Pathogen Medicine

Herbal Cancer & Pathogen Medicine

Compound BCM / 40 Capsules

Contents: Akar Merah, Temu Lawak, Kunyit Kuning, Temu Kunci, Galangal, Zinc.

Indications: For tumors and aberrant growths in or on the body, difficult parasites, cancer, virus, and bacteria therapy.

Actions: Works to neutralize diseased tissue, virus, fungus, bacteria, without damaging healthy tissues. The penetrating action of the zinc causes the 28 alkaloids from these roots to spread through the body and into growths helping cause apoptosis. Designed to be taken with several other BSI Compounds, per the BSI Home Medicines Calendar.

Compound BCM contains four varieties of zingerbracea / ginger root family: temulawak, kunyit kuning, temu kunci, and galangal.

Compound BCM is taken orally and is designed to be used in combination with other BSI medicines. We often recommend Compound B be taken orally and applied externally at the same time (as Compounds BVC or B Tincture and other B-containing compounds).

Akar Merah-Jahe / Compound BCM can be used in the following ways:

1) Oral, in a capsule, as supplement to other BSI medicines for various virus, bacterial, and fungal therapies.

2) Dermal, applied directly using Compounds 1-5, 2-3, 2 or B Tincture, depending on the prescribed need.

3) Dermal, as a soft salve (Compound BVC), used to seal and keep moist open wounds, and augment anti-tumor/virus/parasite activity.

4) Respiratory, with water in a steamer for lung ailments, as Compound B Tincture, per instructions from BSI Staff, penetrates to rapidly and deeply deliver the medicine to an inflamed site.

6) Vaginally, combined with vinegar, as Compound B Douche, per instructions from BSI Staff, to help eliminate virus, bacteria, fungus, and cancer. (Or mix with warm water to dilute as needed.)

7) Nasal, Compound B powder from capsules, snorted in small amounts for nasal and sinus diseases.

Compound BCM

We suggest the user bear in mind that Akar Merah-Jahe Compound BCM is strong medicine. Akar Merah can produce delayed side effects if taken in large amounts. We strongly recommend you adhere to our protocols. If taken orally, one gelatin capsule taken an hour after a meal, once or twice per day, preferably in the morning.

Compound BCM may be of great value with large internal cancers, especially breast, liver, prostate and the like. In more difficult cancers, especially those of the digestive tract, its fine-grind makes for an easier ingestion with much less initial irritation. The added alkaloids help to cure a wider range of virus and parasite problems. It also works to increase energy, tends to elevate mood, stimulate elimination, reduce pain.

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