Product - Yellow Salve
Compound BVC
Anti-Pathogen Skin Salve

Yellow Salve Akar Merah
Jahe Magnesium

Compound BVC / 25 ml

Contents: Pure Mineral Creme, Virgin Coconut Oil, Akar Merah, Temu Lawak, Kunyit Kuning, Temu Kunci, Galangal, Magnesium, Zinc Oxide.

Indications: For tumours and aberrant growths in or on the body, difficult parasites, cancer, virus, and bacteria therapy.

Actions: Works to neutralise diseased tissue, virus, fungus, bacteria, without killing healthy tissues. The penetrating action of the zinc causes the 28 alkaloids in the roots to spread through the body and into tumours causing apoptosis. The moisutrising and healing effects of virgin coconut oil and Vaseline cause even distribution of the herbs and minerals so the tumour or growth can eventually be expelled by the body with lymphocyte action.

Yellow Salve Compound BVC contains the same percentage of Akar Merah and Jahe as in Red Salve / Compound D, but is non-eschariotic.

Compound BVC substitutes neutral zinc oxide for the acidic zinc chloride used in Compound D. We also add a small amount of magnesium (Epsom Salt or English salt) which decreases pain, relaxes and protects healthy skin. This means that Yellow Salve / Compound BVC will NOT damage healthy skin or tissue, due in part to neutral pH.

Compound BVC is Yellow Powder / Compound B mixed with mineral creme and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

When used concurrently with the Eschariotic Compounds A or D, a greater amount of alkaloid medicine is delivered to fringe areas of an infection, greatly increasing its rate of necrosis and elimination. In more difficult cancers, it makes for much less initial irritation over the eschariotic compounds. The added alkaloids help to cure a wider range of cancer and parasite problems. It also works to increase energy, tends to elevate mood, stimulate elimination, reduce pain.

Important & Beneficial Nutrients

Allo-aromadendren (temu lawak), Alpinetin (temu kunci), Aerberine (akar Merah), Boesenbergin A (temu kunci), Boesenbergin B (temu kunci), Curcumin (kunyit kuning), Curcumoid (temu lawak), Dihydro-sanguinarine (red root), Germakren (temu lawak), Isofurogermakren (temu lawak), Methoxychalcone (temu kunci), Cardamonin (temu kunci), Oxy-sanguinarine (red root), Panduratin A (temu kunci), Pinostrobin (temu kunci), Pinocembrin (temu kunci), Sanguiriane (akar Merah), Sanguidariudine (akar Merah), Sanguidimerine (akar Merah), Sanguilutine (akar Merah), Tricyclin (temu lawak), Xanthorrhizol (temu lawak), Lauric acid (coconut oil), Capric acid (coconut oil), Caprylic acid (coconut oil), Vitamin E (coconut oil), Galic acid (coconut oil), Magnesium, Zinc

Used In Treatment Of

Malignant cancer reduction and elimination, Thrombus formation reduction, Inflammation reduction, Control of diarrhoea, Dermatological and skin debridement, Reduce inflammation in arthritis, Sinusitis, Painful inflammation associated with costochondritis – cartilage that attaches the ribs to the breastbone, Inflammatory bowel disease, Prostatitis, Reducing toxic organisms in your intestines, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ability to prevent and speed the healing of bruises, Suppressing the growth of melanoma cells, Human breast cancer cells, Angina pectoris (the severe pain and feeling of constriction about the heart that often radiates to the left shoulder and down the left arm), Stroke prevention, Helps the body absorb medications, Eases stomach aches and indigestion, Helps to hydrate disk pads in cases of slipped spinal disc and pinched nerves, Constipation, inflammatory bowel disorders, Worms and other parasites, Dengue, Herpes simplex virus and Herpes zoster (shingles), Enhances the manufacture of Th1-type cytokines, help regulate the immune system, Acute prostrate inflammation and benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), Celiac disease and more…

How to Use Compound BVC

We generally only apply eschariotics (Akar Merah Salve or Red Salve) for one day at a time or often much less. The body needs rest during this process, and to allow itself to adjust to healing and elimination. So during the ‘off days’ we apply a moderate amount of Compound BVC. This mixture is applied in and around the tumor / parasite, then bandaged.

Yellow Salve / Compound BVC is used to keep and area moist and medicated when the eschariotics or healing salves are not being used. The area in therapy must be covered with one of the Compounds at all times, to limit scaring, to prevent infection, and to speed-up elimination of the virus or parasite.

The mixture of mineral creme and Yellow Salve / Compound BVC is a non-eschariotic paste (does not burn tissue), that is applied to the diseased area for longer, more moderate application cycles. It is especially useful in breast and genital cancers, problems with the face, and fungus or parasites on the skin. Sensitive skin areas respond very well to Compound BVC.

This formulation works similar to a time-release medicine, allowing it to slowly penetrate, while keeping the area moist and free of bacteria and air. Akar Merah Salve or Red Salve is only applied sparingly, for shorter times. But non-eschariotic Yellow Salve / Compound BVC can be used repeatedly as long as needed, during the longer periods while waiting for the virus or parasite to die and slough off.

CAUTION 1: We must emphasize that these instructions apply ONLY to BSI medicines. All other brands are formulated differently and require different application techniques. BSI medicines are highly concentrated, and their proper use must be understood.

CAUTION 2: We recommend DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) not be combined with eschariotic salves or lanolin. Consider using instead Compound 1-5, which includes DMSO with blood root, galangal, iodine, sodium bicarbonate, galangal, temu lawak, etc. in a form that better penetrates and heals.

CAUTION 3: Read and understand all instructions before using any of the medicines listed here.