Product - Healing Salve
Compound C
Natural Healing Salve

Healing Salve

Compound C / 8, 22, 70 grams (net weight)

Contents: Pure mineral creme, virgin coconut oil, yellow root, borage, aloe vera, mint leaves

Indications: In treatment of burns, scrapes, open wounds, dry or damaged skin, irritated skin from bites, local aches and pains.

Actions: Fully antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-viral. Quickly heals burns, wounds, new scars, and reduces irritation, pain, prevents infection. Compound C is intended for use in healing of burns, to be applied after a skin growth, parasite, fungus, have been healed (usually with Compound BVC or other BSI medicines). It serves to seal the wound, greatly speeds healing, limit scaring, and prevent bacterial and viral infection. It’s very important to keep the wound moist and sealed until completely healed. An absolute necessity for any first-aid kit.

Compound C is also highly effective in the treatment of sunburn, minor contact burns, rashes, skin dryness, skin allergies, acne infection, bug bites, etc. Especially useful in the tropics, in that it does not attract insects, and mostly stays-in-place even when wet from perspiration or rinsing with water.

Compound C greatly speeds skin healing, prevents infection of virus, fungus, and bacteria. Due to the mineral cr me base, Compound C remains sterile throughout application, is chemically neutral(non-allergenic), contains no harmful chemicals or additives. Compound C is BSI’s own proprietary formula, used with great success.

We highly recommend Compound C be included in your first aid kit. Use it as a first response to skin burn, allergies, rashes, and other skin problems, while traveling or at home.

Once a skin malady has been completely removed from the skin, Compound C should be applied continuously until the skin has healed. Its multiple healing elements greatly speed cell regeneration, and serve as natural antibiotic, anti-virus, and anti-fungus, anti-carcinogenic protection, as well as sun guard and moisture seal.

It’s very important to keep the area completely sealed during healing, to prevent scaring, scabbing, infection. There is no need to use commercial antibiotics or cr mes in addition to this soothing salve. All the ingredients also work to relieve pain and inflammation.

Most people use Yellow root-Borage-Aloe Healing Salve Healing Salve / Compound C directly on the skin, protected under a bandage. It can be washed off and reapplied as often as desired. Because it is water resistant, it does not need to be washed off completely (thereby lessening trauma to the wound).

Combined with the mineral creme and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), abundant healing alkaloids are more evenly released over time, serving to continuously dispense the medicine, and heal the wound more evenly and with less scaring.

Important & Beneficial Nutrients

The more important alkaloids and beneficial substances naturally-occurring in BSI Healing Salve /Compound C:

hydrastiane (yellow root)
berberine (yellow root)
canadine (yellow root)
canadaline (yellow root)
chlorophyl (borage, aloe vera)
berberastine (yellow root)
palmatine (borage) pantothenic acid (borage)
allatoin (borage)
rosmarinic acid (borage)
steroidal saponins (borage)
mucilage (borage)
inulin (borage)
barotene (borage)
beta-sitosterol (borage)
triterpenoids (borage)
calcium (borage, aloe vera)
magnesium (yellow root)
potassium (yellow root)
B Vitamins (borage)
zinc (borage, yellow root)
acemannan (aloe vera)
aloin (aloe vera)
campesterol (aloe vera)
B-sitosterol (aloe vera)
aupeol (aloe vera)
natural salicylic acid (aloe vera)
urea nitrogen (aloe vera)
cinnamic acid (aloe vera)
phenol (aloe vera)
polysaccharides (aloe vera)
sulfur (aloe vera)
echimidine (borage)
symphytine (borage)
locopsamine (borage)
intermedine (borage)
acteylcopsamine (borage)
acetylintermedine (borage)
symlandine (borage)
angelyl 9 echimidinylretronecine (borage)
lauric acid (coconut oil)
capric acid (coconut oil)
caprylic acid (coconut oil)
Vitamin E (coconut oil)

Galic acid (coconut oil)
iron (coconut oil, aloe, borage)
menthone (mint)
menthol (mint),
apinene (mint)
cardinene (mint)
cimonene (mint)
and many more…

How to Use Compound C

External Use Only: Spread thin or thick over the affected area. Highly effective for burns and scrapes, and is a natural alternative to antibiotic cremes and lotions. Keep the affected area sealed until fully healed, to prevent excessive scaring or infection. Can be used as often and as long as needed, no restrictions.