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Compound COL
Cholesterol Mitigator
Compound COL Cholesterol Mitigator

Cholesterol Mitigator

Compound COL / 40 Capsules

Contents: Astragalus (Astragalus membracuoous), He Shou Wu (Polygonum Multiflorum), San Qi (Notoginseng Radix), Shu Di Huang (Rehmanniae Radix Preparata), Guggulipid (Commiphora wightii (Arn.) Bhandar).

Indications: In treatment of diseases associated with high quantities of fats in the blood stream and related systems. Beneficial for the reduction of both cholesterol and triglycerides. If both triglycerides and cholesterol are high, then Compound TRI is recommended concurrently. 

Actions: Results are obtained slowly. The first week may only see moderate results, fully dependant upon diet, exercise, and of course full adherence to prescription. Once full reduction has been observed, continue with prescription for a few more days, so that body can fully adapt to a new low lipids balance.

Administration: 1 capsule (each of COL and / or TRI), directly before each main meal, when the stomach is mostly empty, thereby producing the best effect with the least amount of discomfort. Maximum 3 times per day, each medication listed here.

For more pronounced cases, and also for those in higher weight brackets, prescribe 2 caps each meal. Maximum 2 caps each time. Reduce amount after 7 days to 1 capsule.

Monitor lipids each week in order to fully regulate results in a beneficial manner.

Take for three weeks, then one week off. Do not take more than prescribed.

Storage: Must be kept sealed in cool dry place, normal refrigeration is required.

Cautions: Do not take more than prescribed. Must stop consumption of bad fats and excess carbohydrates.

Simple Prescription

  • Compound COL
  • Compound TRI
  • Compound M2 Minerals
  • Compound NP Noni Mint
  • Vita Heavy Metals Infusions ++
  • Vita Skin Care Lotion
  • Vita Scrub with brush
  • Bath kit with Vita Bath and Compound SO

Common recommendations

Dietary considerations related to disease and blood type

  • No caffeine
  • No sugar
  • No white foods, etc.
  • No bad oils
  • Low carbs consumption

Okay to consume with all BSI Medications and therapies.

A healthy diet which includes nuts, fish, beans, apples, and plenty of healthy vegetables is perhaps the best way to not only lower cholesterol levels naturally and lessen the risk of heart disease, but to keep the body as healthy and free of disease for a lifetime!

Other medicines

  • Vita Skin Care Lotion
  • Vita Scrub with brush
  • Bath kit with Vita Bath and Compound SO

Full Prescription Guide

(Case dependant - not all are normally assigned):

Level 2 Diagnosis and Cleanse plus Compounds, as needed.

  • Compound COL Cholesterol and triglycerides mitigator
  • Compound TRI Triglycerides mitigator
  • Compound AGE Anti-Aging Support
  • Compound IFP Anti-inflamatory
  • Compound K Anti-oxidents
  • Compound M2 Full spectrum minerals
  • Compound MBS Metabolic Syndrom Help
  • Compound NBH Brain Health
  • Compound NP Feel Good and Hormone Balance
  • Compound SPQ Quiet Sleep
  • Compound WGT Weight Loss

Jamu Jo Tonics, (Be sure these are also compatible with other diagnosis)

  • Jamu Jo 2 Akar Bajakah
  • Jamu Jo 7 Moringa Leaf
  • Jamu Jo 11 Mangosteen Pericarp
  • Jamu Jo 12 Noni Fruit
  • Jamu Jo 14 Star Anise

Vitamin C IV infusions, Once per week for the first month, then twice per month or as requested.

  • EDTA
  • B complexes
  • Glutathione
  • Collagen
  • Condroitin
  • Magnesium
  • NAD
  • Homoepathic CP IL Kulit Manggis
  • Homeopathic CP IZ Zingerberaceae

Highly Suggested

  • Check lipids once per week to gauge effectiveness of the therapy.

Having high cholesterol levels in the blood is one of the many risk factors associated with heart disease. When cholesterol oxidizes, it attaches to the artery walls, and this sets the stage for atrial inflammation that leads to high cholesterol levels.

Herbal therapy is considered far less toxic and safer than statin drug therapy; therefore, many of these herbs may serve as a great alternative in the treatment of high cholesterol.

About the Ingredients in Compound COL

Astragalus (Astragalus membracuoous). Astragalus functions as an antioxidant that supports heart health and controls cholesterol levels.

He Shou Wu / Fo-Ti Root / Fleeceflower Root (Polygonum Multiflorum). Has a lipid-lowering effect that may be involved in the synthesis of cholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism. Reducing LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels in patients with dyslipidemia—a condition characterized by abnormal lipids like cholesterol, triglycerides, and fat phospholipids.

San Qi / Panax Notoginseng (Notoginseng Radix). Saponins in san qi play a key role in lowering cholesterol levels through the modulation of adenosine triphosphate-binding cassette transporter A1. Saponins in san qi can lower blood lipids while inhibiting atherosclerosis.

Shu Di Huang / Rehmannia Root (Rehmanniae Radix Preparata). Treat hypertension, also cholesterol and triglycerides.

Guggul / Guggulipid / Commiphora mukul Hook. ex Stocks (Commiphora wightii (Arn.) Bhandar). Stabilizes both the good and bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Guggul prevents the liver from releasing excessive amounts of LDL cholesterol into the blood stream. Also positively affects thyroid function and increases bile acid production, which also has effects on overall cholesterol levels. The gum resin of the Mukul myrrh tree.

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