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Compound SIP
Spike Protein Inhibitor
Compound SIP Spike Protein

Spike Protein Inhibitor / Anti-Virus

Compound SIP / 40 Capsules

Contents: Star Anise (Illicium Verum), Sambiloto (Andrographis paniculata).

Indications: For indications of heavy blood clotting, physical deterioirations, and problems related to mRNA inoculations. Also in prevention of spike protein synthesis and CV-19 exposure.

Actions: High in shikimic acid, which is proven to inhibit spike protein production due to MRNA inoculation. Also highly anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic, fever reducer, immune enhancing, vermicidal, cancerolytic, depurative, mildly sedative. Highly beneficial in flu and virus treatments.

Administration: Take one capsule each two waking hours for at least two days, between meals for best effect. Take less as problems become less. Or per BSI Practitioner prescription.

Affects are can felt within a few hours, gradually increasing with each dose. Take for three weeks, then off for one week. Many patients find they no longer need this medicine after a time. Do not take more than prescribed.

For more pronounced cases, and also for those in higher weight brackets, prescribe two capsules, each two hours.

Or by Practitioner prescription, which may vary from these instructions.

Storage: Must be kept sealed in cool dry place, normal refrigeration is required.

Cautions: Do not take more than prescribed.

Important Information: Spike proteins can circulate in the body due to shedding, infection, or injection, causing serious damage to cells, tissues, and organs. Information below is taken from The World Council for Health (WCH), which has released a spike protein detox guide.

Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include some types of pine needles (caution, some are toxic), Ivermectin, neem, N-acetylcysteine (NAC), star anise, sambiloto, glutathione, vitamin C, and EDTA. Helpful in related detox are vitamin D, nigella seed (jintan hitam), comfrey leaf, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, and magnesium. Most are available for IV infusion and / or oral consumption.

The mRNA-produced spike protein is found in SARS-CoV-2, no matter the variant. It then becomes continuously produced in the body if inoculated or from shedding from CV-19 shot. The spike protein is responsible for the multitude of illnesses and pathologies of the infection.

These modified spike proteins, resultant of mRNA inoculations and shedding, are proven to cross the blood-brain barrier, causing cell damage (cytotoxicity). Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine technology said, “mRNA is active in manipulating the biology of the cells that coat the inside of your blood vessels—vascular endothelial cells, in part through its interaction with ACE2, which controls contraction in the blood vessels, blood pressure, and other things.”

Spike proteins cause inflammation and damage to the vascular system, even independent of a virus.

Simple Prescription

  • Infusions as prescribed
  • Compound SIP
  • Compound ANX Anxiety Moderator
  • Compound NP Feel Good
  • Vita Skin Lotion and Vita Scrub
  • Compound V and SO

Common recommendations

Dietary considerations related to disease and blood type

  • No caffeine
  • No sugar
  • No white foods

Other medicines

  • Vita Skin Care Lotion
  • Vita Scrub with brush
  • Bath kit with Vita Bath and Compound SO

Full Prescription Guide

(Case dependant - not all are normally assigned):

Level 2 Diagnosis and Cleanse, plus Compounds, as needed:

  • Compound SIP as prescribed
  • Compound DPN Depression Lifter
  • Compound ANX Anxiety Moderator
  • Compound NRV Nerve Relaxer
  • Compound SPQ Sleep Aid
  • Compound M2 Full spectrum minerals
  • Compound NP Feel Good and Hormone Balance

Jamu Jo Tonics, (Be sure these are also compatible with other diagnosis)

  • Jamu Jo 1 Sabrang Onion
  • Jamu Jo 2 Bajakah Root
  • Jamu Jo 4 Zedoary Root
  • Jamu Jo 6 Kenikir Leaf
  • Jamu Jo 12 Mengkudu
  • Jamu Jo 13 Elephant Trunks Leaf
  • Jamu Jo 14 Star Anise
  • Jamu Jo 15 Sambiloto

Vitamin C IV infusions, Once per week for the first month, then twice per month or as requested.

  • B complexes
  • Magnesium – or – EDTA
  • DMSO
  • Glutathione (X 2 in some cases)
  • Collagen
  • Condroitin
  • CP IP Soursop
  • CP IZ Zingerberaceae
  • NAC

About the Ingredients in Compound SIP

Star Anise (Illicium Verum). Star anise reduces reduce anxiety and depression and acts as an antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory agent in the body. Contains Linalool: antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C: Antioxidant vitamin C increases immunities and protects against infection and disease. Anethole: fights cancer, diabetes, inflammation while preserving brain health. Shikimic acid: inhibits and destroys spike proteins due to mRNA exposures.

Sambiloto (Andrographis paniculata). Sambiloto greatly enhances immune system function by releasing interferon, and boosting lymphatic system function. Interferon is a protein (called a cytokine) made by cells in response to virus. A potent antiviral agent, it’s also anti-proliferative (stops the reproduction of virus). During 2021, Sambiloto was declared by the Thai government as a cure for Covid, and related diseases, due to its ability to stop mRNA-related spike protein production in the body.

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