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Jamu Jo 13
Elephant Trunk Leaves
Jamu Jo 13 Elephant Trunks Leaves Oral Tonic

Elephant Trunk Leaves

Jamu Jo 13 / 1 Ltr

Contents: Elephant Trunk Leaves (Clinacanthus Nutan (Burm.f.) Lindau), Purified Water.

Best known for cancer healing properties.

Bioactive compounds include flavonoids, glycosides, glycoglycerolipids, cerebrosides and mono-acylmono-galatosyl-glycerol. A broad range of biological properties include highly anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-diabetic activities. It can be used as strong therapeutic agents over a long term.

Daun Belalai Gajah is traditionally used in treatment of these cancers: Lung, Uterus, Prostate, Breast, Leukemia, and also Dialysis treatment. Beneficial in other cancers, and fungal and virus conditions too.

Clinacanthus Nutans Lindau, also known as snake grass, belongs to the Acanthaceae family. This plant has diverse and potential medicinal uses in traditional herbal medicine for treating many cancers, skin rashes, insects and snake bites, lesions caused by herpes simplex virus, diabetes, and gout.

A few benefits of Jamu Jo Daun Belalai Gajah Tonic, useful in treatment of

  • Best known for reducing cancer metastasis – reduces tumors and prevents new growth
  • Anti-tumor, anti-cancer – helps to shrink and stimulates the body to eliminate toxins that cause them
  • Helpful in cancers of the liver and digestive system
  • Reduces hypertension – reduces high blood pressure
  • Anti-virus – helpful with all herpes virus types, and corona-type virus too
  • Antioxidant – anti-aging
  • Anti-malarial – helps to kill-off blood parasties
  • Dengue fever – helps the body to better heal from infection
  • Helps with vertigo – increases blood oxygenation
  • Helps heal anemia – stimulates red cell production
  • Anti-inflammatory – helps to reduce inflamation
  • Diabetes – helps the pancreas to heal and function in a more balanced manner
  • Anti-aging – antioxidants stimulate collagen and glutathione production
  • Helpful in detoxing snake bites – antivenom activities that relax and calm
  • Cough relief, sore throat – anti-inflammatory and expectorant
  • Kidney stones – increases urination when needed, to help prevent kidney buildup for toxins and wastes
  • Gallbladder stones – stimulates bile production and liver elimination
  • Pain caused by pyretic inflamation – through anti-inflammatory action
  • Helps to heal bone fractures – stimulates collagen and glutathione production
  • Hepatitis and jaundice – stimulates liver function and elimination
  • Dysentery – beneficial antibiotic action in the gut
  • High uric acid – helps to neutralize body pH
  • Gout – helps the body to neutralize and eliminate it causes
  • Uterine fibroid – has been demonstrated to reduce them
  • Prostate inflammation – highly anti-inflammatory
  • Skin problems like eczema, shingles, and psoriasis – stimulates the body to eliminate their causes.

Jamu Jo Daun Belalai Gajah / Elephant Trunk Leaves Tonic is an ancient medicine, now available for modern therapy. We generally recommend it be taken concurrently with other appropriate Jamu Jo and BSI Detox Therapies for best healing effect. Available by prescription from BSI International Clinics.