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Special Non-Member Immunity Booster Package 2020

Boost Your Immunities

From the International leader in science-based alternative medicines, BSI International Clinics offers to super-boost immunities with right-for-the-times therapies. Four immune-building IV infusions over 10 days or less, combined with super-food BSI supplements, can quickly mitigate lingering pathogens and give the upper edge in combat of life’s challenges. Package includes the best quality Vitamin C, Lysine, NAD, Silver Hydrosol, Nigella Sativa, Colloidal Minerals, Vitamin B Complex, Electrolytes, and more. This is a special  ‘Non-Members’ package offered through end of May, 2020.

Optimal Health & Prevention

“Physician: Heal thyself”. Consider that each individual is personally responsible for his or her own healing. In this age of extremes, from every conceivable vector (virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, radiation, stress to name but a few) immunities are tried and fried – we must do all we can to stay ahead of the norm, attain and maintain super health and ultimately super-longevity. Contact BSI and request the ‘members only Immunity Booster 2020 package.’

Beneficial Reactions

Please know that you may experience certain (beneficial) reactions to this therapy – usually fever, stomach discomfort, chills, etc. These reactions mean the body is stronger and that disease is healing. Remember that the body bakes-out disease with fever, and that the body only heals during sleep and rest. We highly recommend the patient not consume sugars, caffeine, junk food, smoke, etc. during this therapy, to maximize results and minimize reactions.

Infusion Ingredients

Immunity Booster Pack (High Dose) of 4 Infusions over 7-10 days
Infusion One: (ME-10 IBX Lysine-2.0 NAD-0.25 IN-2 IS-2) Oral: (AA CPM CPJ)
Infusion Two: (E-20 Lysine-4.0 NAD-0.25 IN-4 IS-2 SL-1) Oral: (AA CPM CPJ)
Infusion Three: (E-25 Lysine-4.0 NAD-0.25 IN-4 IS-2) Oral: (AA CPM CPJ)
Infusion Four: (ME-15 IB-3 Lysine-4.0 NAD-0.25 IN-2 IS-2) Oral: (AA CPM CPJ)

Rp. 6,055,000

Infusion ingredients: 

  • BSI IS Silver hydrosol (anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, anti-virus, anti-parasite) 2-6 grams
  • Ascorbic acid vitamin C, 10-25 grams
  • Sodium bicarbonate (for instant alkalinity)
  • Vitman B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-12
  • NAD  0.25 grams
  • Lysine 4 grams
  • 4 types of electrolyte salts (like in sports drinks)
  • Magnesium sulfate (relaxes and calms)
  • BSI Compound IN (nigella sativa / black cumin to detoxify
    the liver and blood) 2-4 grams
  • Selenium 1 gram (second infusion only)

Plus Oral Supplements Pack: 

  • Ascorbic acid vitamin C (increases the effect of the infusion) 2 grams
  • CP J Nigella/Beet 1 grams
  • BSI Compound M2 (72+ types of colloidal trace minerals)
  • CP Lysine 1 gr

Non-member Safety Pr0tocol & Urine Test 

Our safety protocol requires urine testing before receiving high-doseage infusions, after testing we can certify the patient for these four-each Immunity Booster 2020 Infusions (only). For the Canggu clinc please arrive at 10am daily for testing, and receive the results the following day. Otherwise you can show up anytime during business hours at our Jimbaran clinic.

Four infusions with specific oral medicines taken each two to three days, no more than three days between infusions for best effectiveness. The entire course must be completed within 10 calendar days

Special Offer for Non-Member Patients / Valid until the end of May, 2020

BSI is inviting most non-member patients to receive the Immunity Booster 2020 package, at member prices.. Although we are not charging the new member fee (Rp. 1.8 m – NOT charged), we are asking for urine testing before receiving infusions (an additional Rp 250.000 IS charged), to insure kidneys and liver are working properly in relation to high-dose IV infusions and the oral meds received. Total price paid in advance is Rp 5.805 + 250 = 6.055 m total for the entire package).

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