Vita Recovery

Instant re-hydration and vitamin booster, for recovery from hot days and way-too-cool nights.

It was a celebration! But why spoil great laughs and good times with a dreaded morning-after? Sundry activities of all types generally lead to dehydration, which causes acids and toxins to build in the liver, blood vessels, joints, brain…. And drinking water is often just not enough to help that headache and all that goes with it.

Refreshing, relaxing, just what the doctor ordered. 90 minutes in an over-stuffed easy chair. Drift back into normalcy while receiving 500 ml of purified water, with electrolytes (just like in sports drinks – helps nerves and tissues recover from dehydration and toxins).

3 grams of vitamin C with sodium bicarbonate gives instant alkalinity and causes the body to produce collagen and glutathione – needed to take the edge off and end the hangover. Vitamins B1, B6, and B12 satisfy nerve and muscle depletion, magnesium to completing a balancing, super-cocktail designed to refresh, re-balance, bring back the smile and energy from the night before.

Plan ahead, book an infusion a day in advance to insure we have just what is needed, ready to go upon arrival.

  • Instant and thorough re-hydration
  • Revitalizes depleted salts and vitamins
  • Delivers a moderate dose of vitamin C
  • Increases vitality while relaxing nerves
  • Boosts immunities
  • Brain and nerve balancer and cleanser
  • Gives instant alkalinity, important for reducing acidity
  • Multi-vitamins, and trace minerals calm digestion
  • Stops the ‘jitters’ or shaking sometimes associated with a hangover
  • Helps to end a headache and other body aches

Infusion Ingredients

Instant re-hydration and vitamin booster.
90 minutes / 500ml (can often be taken faster)

Rp. 800.000 nett

Infusion ingredients: (ME-3, B-3 IN-1)

  • Ascorbic acid vitamin C, 3 grams / 3,000 mg 
  • Sodium bicarbonate (for instant alkalinity)
  • Vitamins B1, B6, B12 (calms  muscles and nerves)
  • 4 types of electrolyte salts (like in sports drinks, gives energy)
  • Magnesium sulfate (relaxes and reduces inflammation)

Plus Oral Supplements Pack: (AA CPM BIO PRO)

  • Ascorbic acid vitamin C (increases the effect of the infusion)
  • BSI Compound M (72+ types of colloidal trace minerals)

This infusion is designed for low-grade ailments only. If suffering from a more serious or longer term illness or discomfort, may we suggest you consider BSI Level II Diagnosis and Therapy. Direct intervention, with deep analysis by BSI medical professionals, may prove the better, long-term solution. If suffering from long-term kidney or urinary tract infection, please consult your doctor or BSI staff before proceeding with this therapy.

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