What We Do

BSI International Clinics is science-based in terms of diagnosis and treatment, our one-of-a-kind medicines and therapies are derived from centuries of successful alternative medicines. Our team of dedicated medical professionals draw on ancient therapies and scientific research to create a targeted, more accurate, immune boosting, natural healing process – custom prescribed for each patient. We manufacture and administer; premium natural vitamin and nutrient IV infusions, in-depth blood/urine testing, deep analysis and reports, personalized detox treatments and preventative medicine. 

BSI International is an Integrative Natural Medicine Clinic specializing in; extensive detox treatments, preventative medicine, and deep analysis including live microscopy with full on-site laboratory blood and urine analysis. We treat a variety of diseases with a combination of natural therapies and diet, including high-dose vitamin C and / or silver infusions, injections, salves, and oral medications that we manufacture on-site in our labs. BSI International is the only clinic in Indonesia licensed to produce and prescribe its own medicines and therapies, extremely rare in this modern world.

Our Primary Services include:

  • Premium Vitamin IV Infusions Includes high-dose vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate, silver hydrosol, EDTA chelation, magnesium, B vitamins, electrolytes, mangiferin, nigella sativa, DMSO, glutathione, collagen, and more.
  • In-Depth Testing, Analysis, & Treatment An extensive history questionnaire, followed by interview, live bright-field microscope analysis, plus 64 blood and urine lab tests, result in 10-14 pages of clearly-written test results and prescription for natural therapies.
  • Live Blood Microscopy Analysis as preliminary observation in support of laboratory blood testing, physical exam, and interview. What’s seen in the blood under microscope is rarely revealed from standard lab testing, and is essential for proper diagnosis.
  • Liver, Kidney, Digestion Cleanse Depending on causes and symptoms, a 26 t0 43 day calendar is customized for the patient. It may include herbs, roots, and minerals specific for toning and cleansing, plus other therapies as needed.
  • General Detox & Healing Life on Earth results in hundreds of toxins invading body and mind. The BSI 25 to 43-day Calendar, with corresponding diet and lifestyle changes, includes customized infusions and oral super-nutritional medicines well-known to change life and health for the better.
  • Diet Based on Blood Type & Disease Most of disease and healing are cause and effect of environment and diet. Both can cause disease and heal too.
  • Parasite Elimination from Blood, Skin, and Digestion Life in the tropics is endemic with parasites, especially for those who eat raw foods. A custom program is given to the patient, after full examination and analysis.
  • Addictions & Toxic Habits Assistance Following primary analysis and physical examination, counseling with diet and lifestyle changes are usually prescribed, replete with herbal medicines, customized vitamin IV infusions, and more.
  • Arthritis, Muscle & Joint Following examination and deep analysis, customized herbal and mineral medicines with infusions that may contain vitamin C, DMSO, silver, EDTA, etc. plus BSI proprietary oral medicines may be prescribed. Preventative diet and lifestyle consultation included.
  • Cryogenic Surgery on Skin Ailments Moles, warts, keloids. Most skin anomalies are first frozen with liquid nitrogen, then medicated with BSI Compound 1-5, and sealed with BSI Compound BVC to kill root activity and lessen scarring,
  • Heart & Artery Plaque Cleansing EDTA chelation therapy, with deep analysis of causes and consultation for prevention are central to heart and circulatory system cleansing and toning.
  • Please note, we are NOT presently treating most cancers (breast, prostate, lung, brain).

Level I
Premium Natural Vitamin IV Infusions

Moderate-Dose (No Testing Required)

Natural Intravenous Therapy replenishes the body with ionic fluids, key vitamin, essential minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and more. IV nutrient therapy is proven highly effective because nutrients directly enter the bloodstream, immediately stimulating healing. Body Systems, (organs, cells, nervous systems, skin, etc.) receive a much higher concentration of nutrients, allowing for better absorption and faster, more complete healing.

Positive effects usually are experienced quickly. Fast-delivery intravenous treatments can be administered between 45 and 90 minutes, while relaxing in luxurious comfort.

BSI unique therapies increase well-being, while re-hydrating the body with much needed vitamins and medicines beneficial in improving the body’s energy levels.

Level I –  Premium Vitamin IV Infusions (Moderate Dose) include:

  • Vita Basic Introductory vitamin infusion, just 3 grams of vitamin C, with B complex, sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. Instant re-hydration and vitamin boost.
  • Vita Booster Premium Feel Better Booster Infusion with four types of electrolytes, magnesium, Vitamin C,  and ‘much more’, you will feel better.
  • Vita Brain Nootropics Brain and Nerve Booster Infusion. Piracetam is given to students and executives wanting increased memory and mental power. Seniors with Alzheimers, Parkinsons, etc. greatly benefit from increased oxygen and glucose uptake provided by these infusions.
  • Vita Cold & Flu Here in Bali we are exposed to just about every virus there is. Silver with 3 grams of Vitamin C in 500 ml of electrolyte-charged infusion is hydrating, anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, anti-virus and anti-parasite. Vita Cold and Flu is proven a fast-acting remedy.
  • Vita Derma True beauty comes from within. Super nutrition with quickly-noticeable results for skin, bones, joints, brain. We generally recommend 3 the first week, then twice per month or as desired.
  • Vita Detox Inward Cleanse and Antibiotic Neutralizer Infusion. 3 grams of vitamin C with EDTA chelation bind heavy metals, accumulated toxins, and plaque to excrete through the urine.
  • Vita Fitness Recover from inflamation, sore muscles, and injury with anti-inflammatory DMSO, vitamin C, magnesium, and electrolytes. Allows muscles to relax and speed proper healing. The athletes and weekend warriors best friend.
  • Vita Hydrate 500 ml of pure water with electrolytes plus 3 grams of vitamin C, with B complex, sodium bicarbonate. Instant re-hydration and vitamin boost. Consider receiving two infusions back-to-back in cases of severe dehydration (second infusion does not include B complex or oral meds).
  • Vita Immunity Booster Boost immunities and endurance with age-old remedies vitamin C and silver hydrosol work in consort to control a wide variety of low-grade pathogens in the body. Intravenous vitamin C is strengthened by silver hydrosol, together becoming highly anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, anti-virus, and anti-parasite.
  • Vita Recovery  Instant re-hydration and vitamin booster, for recovery from hot days and way-too-cool nights. Perfect for Hangovers.
  • Vita Silver Silver Hydrosol is anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, anti-virus and anti-parasite. With 3 grams of vitamin C, electrolytes, and magnesium, Vita Silver is proven an unbeatable remedy for a wide variety of low-grade ailments.
  • Vita Travel Flying greatly affects immunities and stamina. Get a head-start and reduce jet lag with 3 grams of vitamin C, B complex, magnesium, electrolytes and more. The Vita Travel nutrition, immune-booster and re-hydration blast.

Level II
Testing, Deep Analysis & Treatment

High-Dose (Testing Required)

All Level II Therapies are preceded by Basic Analysis and Examination, to prevent mis-diagnosis and in support of accurate focused therapy. This results in patient membership with BSI, and also allows the patient to receive moderate and high dose intravenous infusions, email consultation, and products offered by BSI.

First the patient is requested to accurately answer an extensive medical history. Completed on-line, the answers to 76 question groups are central to deep analysis, as causes for health problems determined during testing and interview.

Second, the patient is requested to visit the BSI Clinic in Jimbaran, at least two times over two or three days. The first visit includes a personal interview with a BSI Practitioner. Blood and urine samples are requested, and delivered immediately to the BSI on-premise labs.

Live bright-field blood microscope analysis is performed with the patient. Then the patient and practitioner review the BSI New Patient Guide, as it applies to lifestyle, blood-type-based diet and more. The patient may receive an infusion too, the ingredients and dosage based on the on-line medical history and interview this day.

During the second clinic visit, the patient receives a written report of between 9 and 14 pages, fully explaining history, lab, and examination results. A clear written analysis of causes and effects is included in the report, with a prescription if warranted. The patient may be asked to follow a 26-43 day calendar, inclusive of an assortment of natural medicines manufactured by BSI.

If infusions are warranted, they may include a wide variety of ingredients, including up to 60 grams of vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate, silver hydrosol, EDTA chelator, magnesium, B vitamins, electrolytes, mangiferin distillate, nigella sativa distillate, zingiberaceae roots distillate, DMSO, glutathione, collagen, and more.

Having arrived this web site, you’ve by now probably made a decision to take responsibility for your own health.

The use of BSI medicines, and related therapies, are intuitive and evolutionary in concept and practice. No two cases are treated the same. And conventional medical practice can never embrace, what is to them, a radical departure from accepted science and licensed convention. It is up-to-you, the reader/therapist/self-healer, to take initiative and responsibility in relation to what is done with this rare information and timeless medicine.

This is to say we suggest one not follow blindly, as though taking unquestioned instruction from the local MD. Do your homework, design an appropriate course of treatment before proceeding. Although this website cannot serve as a substitute for nominal health advice, our desire is that it will stimulate the reader/healer into at least viewing alternatives to the dogmatic purvey of mainstream medical practice. BSI medicines can be effectively used for a wide variety of problems, even and especially including preventative medicine. BSI medicines and therapies are highly anti-virus. anti-fungus, and anti-bacteria, plus anti-aging and disease preventing.