Premium IV Infusions,
Compounds, Tonics, Tinctures & Personal Care

What We Make

BSI International manufactures most of the medicines we offer, exclusively for our patients. Our medicines are part of a more natural healing process. In recent times, the Indonesia Government has begun to encourage the development and licensing of alternative and herbal health care. Because of this amazing freedom, we are able to produce and offer medicines and body care products unlike any other available today. BSI compounds are exceptionally concentrated and potent medicines. We use no fillers, binders, preservatives, surfacants, etc.


Herbal and mineral compounds manufactured and offered by BSI are exclusively available only to our patients.

Compound Tinctures & Tonics

The roots, leaves, and seeds are hand-washed and sun dried. The ingredients are combined with as little processing as possible. Here in Indonesia, natural un-patented medicines are more widely used than western medicines.

Jamu Medicine

Highly-potent oral tonics for deep natural healing.

Body Care

Personal Care: 100% Natural body care

Oral Kit

Use once each night before bed for three nights, then once or twice per week for optimal oral health. Integrative body health begins with optimal oral health.