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BSI International is a Yayasan (Not-For-Profit) Corporation. This means medical staff at BSI are not bound by mainstream medical dictates regarding chemotherapy, antibiotics and the like. BSI is a group of highly dedicated health professionals, who design, manufacture, and prescribe more the 60 medicines. “Integrative Natural Health and Therapies” means we meld the best of ancient and modern medicines and therapies into a healthy practice unlike any other in the world.


Who Whe Are

BSI International is a Yayasan (Not-For-Profit) and is all about alternative, holistic therapies that we have developed, and natural medicines we manufacture in house. BSI is presently the only clinic in Indonesia licensed to manufacture and administer the medicines we offer.

BSI is science-based in terms of diagnosis and treatment, however the medicines are natural and one-of-a-kind by BSI design, creating a targeted, more accurate, immune boosting, natural healing process. BSI medicines are exceptionally concentrated and potent. We use no fillers, binders, preservatives, surfactants, etc. The roots, leaves, seeds, minerals, etc. are combined with as little processing as possible, serving only to concentrate whole ingredients in traditional ways.

How we view ailments and their causes is often the ignored, necessary first and foremost step in deep healing. This is why we take the time to get to know the patient, request an extensive medical history, and interview. And with deep analysis, physical exam, bright-field microscopy (in view of the patient), blood lab tests, and more, we produce a 10 to 14 page report and prescription, that is presented and fully explained in person.

In modern times, most people have come to believe that disease is impossible to cure, due to modern medical society’s commercial and unethical hype. As such, proper personal treatment is illusive, forbidden through media and big pharma business (there is so little profit for them from these therapies – no MRI machines, endless doctor visits, invasive surgeries, chemotherapy, insurance, etc.).

The planned use of alternative therapies and treatments is often about overcoming the ‘no other cure’ mentality that permeates modern medicine today. This too-often results in people using traditional therapies and medicines as a last resort, often when it’s nearly too late. But the human body has a remarkable ability to recover from extreme illness, when the cause is completely eliminated, not just the usual masking-of-the-symptoms.

The treatments and effects of alternative healing vary from person to person, and are often contrary to the immobile attitudes of modern medicine. If you are not already familiar with natural healing, do yourself a favour and read-up, should you decide on this route.

We look forward to getting to know you at BSI.

BSI is fully licensed by the Indonesian and various Balinese governments, including:

Licenses and Permits for the Clinics:

  • Akte Pendirian “Yayasan Bali Sehat Indah International”
  • Pemerinta Indonesia: Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB), Izin Komersial/Operasaional
  • Aktivitas Polikinik Swasta, Aktivitas Pelayanan Penunjang Kesehatan: NIB 812001306XXXX.
  • Pemerita Indonesia: Izin Komersial/Operasaional, Aktivitas Pelayanan Penunjang Kesehatan: NIB 812001306XXXX.
  • Pemerita Indonesia: Izin Komersial/Operasaional, Aktivitas Poliklinik Swasta: NIB 812001306XXXX.
  • Pemerita Indonesia: Izin Lokasi, Poliklinik Swasta Dan Laboratorium: NIB 812001306XXXX.
  • Dinas Kesehatan Badung, Sirat Rekomendasi.
  • UPT Puskesmas Surat Rekomendasi.

And several licenses from the local Banjar and Desa for each BSI office.

  1. For the Blood and Urine laboratories at BSI:
  2. Seven each Sertifikat Kalibrasi for all blood and urine test machines owned and operated by BSI
  3. Licensing for the Blood and Urine Lab Technician from Dinas Kesehatan Badung.

Medical Staff permits and licensing:

Dr. Santoso

  • Dinas Kesehatan Badung, Berita Acara Pemeriksaan/Penilaian Tempat Praktek Swasta,
  • Dokter Umum/Dokter Gigi/Dokter Spesialis: No 420/1813/VIII/Dikes
  • SR ASPERTI 173/ASP-Jt,/Sek-Rek/IV/2XXX
  • STRD Konsil Kedokteran Indonesia: 351110031603XXXX,
  • SPP Ikatan Dokter Indonesia: 95/IDI-KotaPasr/VII/2XXX,
  • SK Dokter (dr.) Universitas Airlangga: 18 Des, 2XXX,
  • SK Sarjana Pendidikan Dokter S.Ked) 10 Jul, 2XXX,
  • and several others.

Pembina Dr. Jo.

  • SK Dinas Pendidikan Kota Surabaya No. KP 20/157/402.4.9/2XXX
  • STPT Surat Terdafat Penyehat Tradisional ASPERTI
  • SR ASPERTI, 169/ASP-Jt,/Sek-Rek/IV/2XXX
  • and several others.

Apoteker Pak Deni

  • All nurses are certified to minimum D-III, with Certificate of Competency and recommendations from various schools, hospitals and clinics.

Dr. Jo is a survivor of Stage Four Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, three types of skin cancer, severe allergies, toxic metals and glyphosate poisoning, and more.

He contracted these diseases while living a stressful life overseas. The American Medical Association long ago declared his particular strain of lymphoma ‘the only non-curable cancer.’ He was expected to live a few more months. He was offered chemotherapy, but told this would only serve to strip his immunities and make his last days painful.

Abandoned by the main stream medical world, as well as his life overseas, Jo, seemingly having nothing to loose, and every opportunity to gain, continued what was a deep passion and study for natural healing into a full-time alternative medicine education. First and foremost in his process was his return to Bali, and a peaceful and nutritious lifestyle, with the creation of the medicines and healing techniques seen on these pages.

It was through his gratitude for a second chance to live again that he came to study and develop techniques that have proved efficacious and unlike any others here-to-fore known. He studied techniques from Cancer Salve Pioneer Cal Reid, who also guided Jo in the history and techniques known by his teacher, and also those of his friend and mentor Ingrid Naiman, among many others.

Dr. Jo today lives a healthy and abundant life, helping others to heal their cancers. A staff of 18 assist him in his daily activities. Unusual support from the Indoneisan Government and medical communities made possible full accrediation for the Not-for-Profit BSI International Corporation.

Yayasan BSI International evolved from his desire to help others in similar situations. This website serves as a testament to his devotion to the field of traditional and hands-on healing, his voice a contribution to a long history of healing that has been otherwise squelched in publication and practice, by a zealous media.

The case histories, medicines, and techniques he reveals on these pages are far outside accepted western medical practice. Due to possible persecution from various associations and governments, Jo does not reveal his image.

Here in Indonesia, traditional medicines are more common and accepted than western-style medicine and practice. Jo has helped many people with various cancers and other conditions. To date, BSI has enjoyed an 83% success rate.

Yayasan BSI International is accepting donations, to fund expansion and research. We would like to build a larger central facility to accommodate patients and to expand manufacturing of the medicines. We also request funding to hire professional medical and scientific staff.

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