Who We Are

Yayasan BSI International Clinics is not-for-profit corporation, and is all about alternative, holistic therapies that we have developed, and natural medicines we manufacture in house. BSI is presently the only clinic in Indonesia licensed to manufacture and administer the medicines we offer.

BSI is science-based in terms of diagnosis and treatment, however the medicines are natural and one-of-a-kind by BSI design, creating a targeted, more accurate, immune boosting, natural healing process. BSI medicines are exceptionally concentrated and potent. We use no fillers, binders, preservatives, surfacants, etc. The roots, leaves, seeds, minerals, etc. are combined with as little processing as possible, serving only to concentrate whole ingredients in traditional ways.

How we view ailments and their causes is often the ignored, necessary first and foremost step in deep healing. This is why we take the time to get to know the patient, request an extensive medical history, and interview. And with deep analysis, physical exam, bright-field microscopy (in view of the patient), blood lab tests, and more, we produce a 10 to 14 page report and prescription, that is presented and fully explained in person.

In modern times, most people have come to believe that disease is impossible to cure, due to modern medical society’s commercial and unethical hype. As such, proper personal treatment is illusive, forbidden through media and big pharma business (there is so little profit for them from these therapies – no MRI machines, endless doctor visits, invasive surgeries, chemotherapy, insurance, etc.).

The planned use of alternative therapies and treatments is often about overcoming the ‘no other cure’ mentality that permeates modern medicine today. This too-often results in people using traditional therapies and medicines as a last resort, often when it’s nearly too late. But the human body has a remarkable ability to recover from extreme illness, when the cause is completely eliminated, not just the usual masking-of-the-symptoms.

The treatments and effects of alternative healing vary from person to person, and are often contrary to the immobile attitudes of modern medicine. If you are not already familiar with natural healing, do yourself a favor and read-up, should you decide on this route.

We look forward to getting to know you at BSI.


dr. A. A. Ngurah Wisnu Adiputra C. S.Ked (M.D.)

General Practitioner dr. Wisnu interest in common diseases, such as endocrine and metabolism disorders (diabetes, thyroid, obesity, osteoporosis, cholesterol and hormone disorders), psychosomatic disorder (depression and anxiety disorders), elderly care, palliatives, with treatment using science-based nutraceuticals.

Specialities : Live Blood Analysis, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Detox Programs, Natural Anti-Aging,  Nutrition According to Blood Type with Pathology Testing, Minor Surgery (Hecting, Incision, etc.) And more…

Dr. Wisnu for main consultation and exam, with Dr. Jo’s Protege for other tasks (moderate price and possible shorter appointment wait time) Primary language Bahasa Indonesia & Bahasa Bali. Chief Doctor at the BSI Main Clinic at GWK, Bali.

dr. Gabriella Florencia S.Ked (M.D)

General Practitioner dr. Gabriella specializes in common medical conditions ranging from acute infections, chronic metabolic disorders, to psychological problems. Her experience includes family medicine, neural-behavioral science, and integrative functional medicine. In her practice, she incorporates both western and science based traditional medicine with a goal to provide the best holistic treatment for her patients.

Specialities : Live Blood Analysis, Naturopathy and Homeopathy, Minor Surgery, Detox Programs, Natural Anti-Aging, Nutrition, Pathology Testing, and more…

Dr. Gabriella Florencia, for main consultation and exam, with Dr. Jo’s Protege for other tasks (moderate price and possible shorter appointment wait time). Fully fluent in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. Chief Doctor for both Berawa (Tamora Square) and Ubud BSI clinic locations. Presently located at our GWK facility only. 

Nurse Practitioner NP Mas Bagus S.Kep

Graduated from Nursing College 2011. Extensive experience includes Emergency Room Nursing at a private hospital in Malang, East Java for 2 years, Inpatient Nurse at Bhayangkara Hospital for 1 year, Head Paramedic at a Coal Company in Borneo for 5 years. And his move to Bali began at the Indonesia Army Hospital as a Policlinic nurse for 1 year. Also worked as a nurse at three different IV infusion clinics in Bali, and finally with BSI as Head Nurse Practitioner. At BSI, Mas Bagus is responsible for wound care, emergency first aid, infusions administration, and much more.

Specialties include: Live Blood Analysis, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Detox Programs, Natural Anti-Aging, Nutrition According to Blood Type with Pathology Testing, Cancer Therapies, Infections Prevention, Post Surgery Care, And more …

Nurse Practitioner Della Darwiana, Amd.Keb

Graduated from D3 Midwifery at STIKes Widyagama Husda Malang in 2017. Had work experience as a senior nurse on emergency and non emergency services at private clinic, Bali for 3 years. Has experience to handle emergency care, wound care, first aid, infusions, general care, antenatal care, prenatal care, postnatal care and much more. And also has ability in Mother and Child care.