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Profile Mr. D,
Disease Category 14

Genitals, testes, perineum, outer vagina, and surrounding areas

Warning! Graphic!

Mr. D, a long-time acquaintance, mustered enough bravery to tell me about a painful, 10-year growth, next to his anus. He was certainly not able to apply medicines on his own, needed help, which he had not been able to find over 17 years time.

Day One: Sunday, July 24, 2011.

A surgeon had punched a hole into the area next to his anus, about nine years ago, in order to remove the growth. But the surgery was ineffective, the growth never subsided, had indeed increased over time. The hole had healed, but at a depth of about 2 cm, making a perfect pocket for the parasite in which to flourish.

The growth returned, is 1.5 cm deep and 2.5 cm diameter. The MD never gave any medicine made to kill the parasite. Now the growth has become a painful tumor.

Extreme close-up. As there is effluent from the abnormal growth, I had believed the parasite, within the tumor, to be alive/ active.

I decided to go easy on the first application. I first coated the area with Burn Gel, a mild analgesic. It also serves to buffer the action of the Salve, slowing the eschariotic/ burning action. I applied less than 1/4 Black Salve Indonesia spoon of Red Salve/ Compound D on the very tip of the growth. Even with the Burn Gel, he felt a significant amount of burning. But it subsided within 10 minutes, on this most sensitive area.

We came to agree that the growth had been caused by a parasite, the result of bathing in a river in Java, at least 17 years prior.

I administered one scoop of Red Salve/ Compound D in a gelatin capsule, for oral consumption with water.

Day Two, Monday, July 25, 2011:

No stomach or other reaction from internal salve use. An important indication of cancer or other problems needed cure. If no reaction by the 5th day, there may not be any internal cancer.

Decided to hit it with full force, faster and painful better than slow and painful.

First cleaned with H202, then applied Burn Gel. After applied Red Salve/ Compound D. Left uncovered for observation and to dry for 20 minutes. Then wiped away excess Salve, and bandaged.

Cleaned with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide 3%), a minor amount of clear-reddish effluent fizzed. No mucous but effluent had begun to weep onto the bandage, a little unusual he said. There is no sign of an active parasite yet. As such I am still not really sure what it is.

The "tumor" had opened greatly from the center, was amazed at the progress from the first 24 hours of Red Salve Use. If there was a parasite, it had evacuated the previous 24 hours, or has shrunken and died.  I numbed the area with liquid Lidocaine, three times, using a cotton tip. After a about three minutes, I applied Red Salve about 1 cm inside the open wound, with little pain on the part of Pak. D. He said he this it opened on its own, that he had only washed with soap and water, as usual. I think because it highly exposed, the medicine did not have to do through layers of skin before doing its job.

Afterward, I mixed Vaseline with Compound B, spreading it in and around the wound, then sealing with a large Band-Aid.

I administered 2 scoops Red Salve/ Compound D orally in a gelatin capsule.

Day Three, Tuesday, July 26, 2011:

A very interesting case. So far Mr. D has had no withdrawal symptoms, (headache, anger, shivers, etc.) which would be indicative a live parasite dying. And there have been no unusual eliminations yet, indicative of cancer or virus. And no  temperature change. He indicated that he'd slept well, first time in years, although there is pain from the medicine. But he says the medicine pain gave a feeling of the growth now shrinking and becoming less significant. The fact that he has significant feeling in the middle of the growth is indicative of weakened flesh that is trying to heal itself, but cannot.

After one application of Red Salve/ Compound D, the growth has opened up, and the parasite has either left, died, or gone deeper into the hole. Mr. D had washed with soap and water, perhaps the parasite tissue had been cleansed away. The yellow coloration is due to Red Salve. There is little effluent, perhaps due to frequent cleansing.

Initial indications are that he once had a rather large parasite that may have died a while back, but the surrounding skin is still irritated, perhaps housing foreign matter. The fact that the growth is well exposed from the start may be indicative of the body trying to push out remains, that may well be pre-cancerous. The growth opened up easily from the first application. Tonight I was able to insert medicine directly into the growth, about 1cm. This, of course, was after having applied a generous amount of 2% liquid Lidocaine. There is no indication of disease in surrounding tissue. 

Mr. D is very happy with the progress, even with the pain of the therapy, has much less pain and pressure than in 10 years of suffering. 

Gave two scoops of Red Salve in a gelcap. Did not apply Yellow Salve/ Compound B tonight, as the Red Salve is applied in abundance. 

Day 4. Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some dead tissue is beginning to flake off, allowing for a view on the interior of what is now certain to be a housing for a parasite. See the tunnel structure inside. But I am not yet certain the parasite is dead, as it may be deeper inside his body. We will continue oral salve use for the time being, as well as extended time use of Red Salve, until the tissues begin to slough off. The liquid lidocaine helps, but is not a perfect pain reliever for use in the most sensitive part of a person's body.

Mr. D says he is sleeping much better now than he has in several years. He has not had any emotional shifts, cold sweats, shakes, etc. indicative of no cancer, and perhaps no parasite presently alive. Often when a parasite dies, the toxins it stops secreting cause withdrawal symptoms in the host. And as such, there is no indication of cancer, nor advanced pre-cancerous tissues in the treatment site.

He also says he normally had a low-grade nose/mucous problem, that has now subsided. This can either be an indication of a long-term respiratory infection now gone, and/ or the parasite is no longer intoxicating his body.

Considering he has been highly troubled with this problem for ten years, he is responding very well, and rapidly to treatment. The big problem is getting the deep diseased tissue to come out, so healing can begin.

Applied Red Salve/ Compound D internally to the wound, after Lidocaine took effect. He still felt a lot of discomfort, but said the burn of the salve was a relief compared to what he had been feeling from the infection.

Gave two scoops of Red Salve/ Compound Din a capsule, by mouth..

Day 5, Thursday, July 28, 2011

I generally only apply eschariotics for three days at a time. The body needs rest from the brief pain of it, and allow itself to adjust to healing and elimination. So this day I made a quantity of Vaseline and Yellow Salve/ Compound D. This is applied in and out of the growth, then bandaged.

Yellow Powder/ Compound B is mixed with a proportional amount of Vaseline..

The mixture of Vaseline and Yellow Powder/ Compound B becomes a non-eschariotic paste, that is applied to the parasite tumor area for longer application cycles. This gives a moderated-continual dose of medicine without the burning associated with the more acidic Red Salve. Red or Black Salve is only applied sparingly, for shorter times. But this Vaseline/ Yellow Powder mixture can be used repeatedly as long as needed.

This formulation acts like a time-release medicine, allowing it to slowly penetrate, while keeping the area moist and free of oxygen. If there is anything left of this parasitic growth, it will die from suffocation and the strong alkaloids of the Compound B and Vaseline. We shall continue this application for three days, along with oral Salve D. On Monday (today is Thursday), I will decide either to apply eschariotics again, if the growth has become healthier, or will continue with the Vaseline/ Compound B mixture, if it has died and is beginning to slough off.

This particular case is highly unusual for me, considering how the object is responding to treatment. Because there is little reaction to oral salve, I have drawn a tentative conclusion there is no metastatic cancer in Mr. D's body. And because I have yet to see the growth begin to separate, I am still wondering if it is viral. And also because there is so much feeling in it. Normally parasitic and cancerous growths will have little feeling for the host inside of them. But this is the most sensitive part of the human body.

I remain convinced it is a parasitic nest of sorts, has fortified over the course of ten years. And because a surgeon was not able to remove (the parasite) with deep incision, I have been inclined to think it has burrowed deep within his pelvis, if it is still alive.

But the good news is that the growth has shrunk and subsided considerably. And his 10 years of constant pulsing pain has lessened to near nothing, in his words. He had been in constant severe pain all of this time, nothing he had done had given relief.

But because it has been with him for so long, we may not be able to heal it as quickly as either of us would like. We are going to take our time, and let the medicine do its job.

Given one capsule with two scoops of Red Salve orally. Vaseline and Compound B applied to the growth.

Day 6, Friday July 29, 2011

The skin of the growth has decreased in size and sensitivity. But the flesh of it still appears to be alive and healthy. Mr. D will take two days off from oral therapy, but will continue to apply the Compound B/ Vaseline mixture over the weekend. Though the parasite may be gone, we have to get rid of the enflamed remnants. We expect to begin again on Monday with Compound D, for two or three days. Mr. D has enjoyed "two days of freedom from 10 years of pain" and says he is ready to deal with the burning-off of the diseased flesh, the pain of which is less than the disease before treatment.

Still no sign of cancer or other parasites in the body.

Administered 2 scoops of Red Salve/ Compound D in a capsule, and Vaseline/ Compound B on the wound.

Day 9, Monday August 1, 2011

Mr. D. had been allowed two days reprieve from oral medication, to detoxify, as is normal during the 25-day treatment. He said he experienced no adverse reactions, an indication of no metastatic virus present in the body.

The application of Yellow Powder in Vaseline has displayed remarkable results. The parasite "nest" has begun to separate from the surrounding skin, and has also shrunk is size by half. I could peer inside to see the diseased tissue had, for lack of a better term, crystallized... looked like pumice rock. Something I have observed before in non-metastatic tumors. I now remain convinced there is a tumor, and that any parasite is now gone. What is unusual is the lack of visible swelling of surrounding tissues, as is normal with Salve applications.

I applied Lidocaine, in three applications, in generous proportion, inside and out, using several cotton buds. Then applied three thin layers of Red Salve/ Compound D. I massaged the Red Salve into the center of the parasite shroud, approximately one cm deep. Mr. D. felt some minor burning for about five minutes. He said the pain of it was by far less than the daily suffering he experienced before treatment had begun nine days ago. Yellow Powder/ Compound B, combined with Vaseline, was applied several minutes later, then bandaged. With this type of tumor, continual moisture is vital. Mr. D. said he generally washed with soap three times per day. I recommended he take Sits baths, with magnesium (Epsom) salt and sea salt, in hot water. This will serve to relax the area and assist in the separation and expulsion of the tumor.

Mr. D. had arrived on a motor bike, the first time he'd been able to ride one in comfort in several years. His face and overall attitude appeared a person 10 years younger. 

Increased oral dosage to an unusual 3 scoops in one capsule.

Day 10, Tuesday August 2, 2011

Today's visit saw reduced size in the tumor. The inner tissues appeared clear and clean too, indicative of the parasite having vacated and it's tissue following. Mr. D. washes with soap and water at least three times per day, as is normal for Indonesians after using the toilet. This has served to rapidly remove all dead tissues. He applied the Yellow Powder/ Vaseline salve after each cleansing.

Extreme close-up with flash. This is one of the stranger growths I have worked. It appears to be dying from the inside out. Much tissue has been removed and any signs of the parasite are now gone (of course the outer skin growth is also resultant of the parasite, and is resisting treatment too). It may take a while to affect the white, rubber-like tissue however. The pumice-like tissue underneath the white tissue is becoming exposed, demonstrating deeper and varying types of diseased tissue.

We are now focusing on removing the abnormal tissue, due to concerns of malignancy and future infection/ infestation. I applied more Red Salve/ Compound D than usual, mostly on the outer areas, but the interior as well. Lidocaine was liberally applied before the Salve. I expect we will need one more Red Salve application, then he will be finished with eschariotics. 

I am amazed at there being virtually no blood present during any of the treatments, indicative of a great lot of abnormal tissue still present. I am encouraged by the good health of the surrounding tissues. And also by Mr. D's greatly increased physical activity and comfort level. He had indicated that for the first time ever he had ridden a motor bike in to central Denpasar, an hour's ride, with no discomfort.

I did not administer oral Salve. Skin treatment was with Red Salve, covered by a bandage. 

Day 11, Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Work is progressing on the parasite lair. Finally we are seeing some signs of the diseased skin beginning to separate. Inflammation, a little pus coming out, and some skin sloughing off. I applied Lidocaine four times, to minimize the pain of the Compound D. I applied Red Salve/ Compound D and massaged it into the flesh with a cotton tip bud. Usually by this time, on such a sensitive area, one can apply an eschariotic salve in a stronger manner. I applied a lot to the inside of the lair, in an effort to reduce pain, and to keep the medicine in place as long as possible. He has been washing with soap and water every morning, a very helpful addition to the treatment.

I waited until the Salve dried a little, before applying a bandage. I administered 3 scoops (90 micro liters) of Red Salve in a gelatin capsule for oral consumption.

Day 13, Friday, August 5, 2011

Pak D. reported that a 1cm piece of tumor had come out of the opening the previous night. This visit, another piece, also 1cm was ready to exit.

A second tumor/ parasite body is emerging from the open hole. It was easily plucked with wide forceps.

The tumor is approximately 1 cm in diameter. Due to the added zingerbrachea roots, there is very little blood throughout the whole process.

We were surprised to see a second growth emerging, an indication the medicine is doing its job, is pushing the parasite and tumor from the body. This was not visible two days ago. I applied Red Salve/ Compound D to the new site, as well as some of the tissue surrounding the original growth, to help remove the excess tissue.

I did not apply Vaseline with Compound B this visit, did not want to dilute the action of the eschariotic Compound D. Pak D. agreed to wash the area with soap and water in the morning, then use the Vaseline mixture as normal.

Pak D. remains amazed at how much better he feels, and lighter now that two tumor/ parasites have been ejected from the body.

He swallowed a capsule with three scoops of Compound D/ Red Salve.

Day 14, Saturday, August 6, 2011

Much progress. Some of the surrounding outer tissue has begin to slough off. The tissue inside the original tumor/ parasite is nearly normal, just needs to regenerate the outer epidermis layer. The new smaller growth has inflamed a little, may soon burst open.

Mr. D. is not taking three scoops of Red Salve/ Compound D on his own each night, with a small snack. He is also keeping the wound sealed at all times with Vaseline/ Compound B.

Day 16, Monday, August 8, 2011

Progress has come to a 'waiting plateau' for the moment. We are still seeing some of the cancerous tissue sloughing off, but finding it needs time to die and atrophy. In such a sensitive area, I was inclined to take it slower, as regards the application of external medicine. But Mr. D. is growing impatient, wants a fuller therapy now.

The yellow-stained tissue (from Red Salve/ Compound D) is what remains of the cancerous outer skin of the parasite nest. 40% remains, everything below has sloughed off. The small parasite/ tissue to the right has yet to emerge, but is swelling, an indication  the medicine is having an effect. The area was just cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, is a little bubbly in places.

We decided to increase external application of Red Salve/ Compound D to three times per day, at Mr. D's request. We shall see how his progresses on his next visit, two days from now.

Here I've applied Red Salve/ Compound D over the remaining outer cancer tissue. I am now 'needling' the tissue, with a very fine acupuncture needle, in order to speed-up progress of the medicine. The feel of the tissue, from the needle, indicated a soft consistency, to the depth of about 1cm. This is a possible indication of tumor growth, on top of healthy tissue. Lidocaine was applied several times before Salve application and needling.

Day 18, Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A view from above. We were a little surprised to see the parasite nest/ cancer beginning to emerge, as a whole, from the surrounding tissue. The smaller secondary growth to the lower right is also swelling. Needling did indeed speed-up the process, but increased Mr. D's pain level a little. The yellow areas are dead and beginning to slough. Cotton threads are visible, left over from cleaning with H2O2 - the skin remains a little sticky from bandaging.

I applied more Red Salve/ Compound D, and needled the site again, at Mr. D's insistence. I advised him to take the next two days off from both oral and topical use of Red Salve, so he can detoxify and give the body a rest, as is normal with this type of healing.

But he will keep the area covered with the Vaseline/ Yellow Powder mixture. This serves to lessen pain, steadily deliver vital alkaloids, and keep the area moist.

Saturday, August 14, 2011

Mr. D. continues to make progress. He is now taking Red Salve/ Compound D orally, each night, per the 25-Day Plan. He says a long-term low-grade sinus and throat infection has completely vanished. Small tumors and more outer skin shell have sloughed off, and the pain Mr. D. experienced over ten years time has vanished as well. I have never had a happier client.

I applied 2% Lidocaine to the surface of the area before using Red Salve. It decreases the pain considerably, but is short-lived, probably about 20 minutes.

Monday, August 16, 2011

We remain amazed at how little blood there has been throughout this therapy. Red Salve/ Compound D, with the addition of Temu Lawak and Temu Kunci, protects healthy tissue. There has been virtually no damage to healthy tissues, as seen in the photos.

Most of the external tumor cap has now sloughed off. The main or mother part remains (upper left by gloved finger), but appears to be mostly dead now. At least five small tumors have to date come out of the area, and healthy tissue appears below the skin layers. We anticipate there will be a root or two appear under the remaining cap when it sloughs off.

Mr. D. continues to apply and keep on his skin Vaseline and Yellow Powder/ Compound D at all times. He washes and changes the Vaseline and bandage after each bathroom visit. There has been no sign of infection, and pain has been minimal, except for when the eschariotic Red Salve/ Compound D is applied. But that pain quickly diminishes within an hour or less. Considering the extreme sensitivity of this area, it's not bad.

His eschariotic therapy is nearing an end. We did not apply Compound D this visit, as what remains appears to be dead. And tumors have emerged at least five times, it's obvious the process is well underway.

Mr. D. continues to take three 30 micro liter spoons of Red Salve. Compound D each night before bed (approx. 90 micro liters). Because of the added roots, there has been no stomach upset.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The red point is the final lair of the parasite. It has just been needled, to test for depth, hardness, and pain. Some blood and mucous has emerged. Raw new skin can be seen to the right, along with a small amount of yellow disease tissue also emerging.

Elimination of diseased tissue continues. Most of the parasite and lair are now dead. Mr. D. continues to take Red Salve/ Compound D orally, and apply Yellow Salve/ Compound BV to the area, to keep is sealed from infection and to deliver medicine and pain relief.

I don't know where to place the credit for his revelation that the hair on his head is getting thicker and the gray is decreasing. I assume it due to less stress now that he is healing and able to function better.

Thursday, August 26, 2011

Much to our surprise, yet another tumor is emerging, with indication of more to come as seen by the surrounding inflammation. The parasite may still be emerging as well. 

Although it appears painful, Mr. D. says it is not. He feels relief, as he says, the area is 'lighter', with the accumulation of years now coming out. 

We applied a small amount of Red Salve/ Compound D to the swollen area on the left. 

He continues to apply Yellow Salve/ Compound BV to the area, to seal it and to deliver medicine.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Yet more dead tissue is emerging from under the surrounding skin area. The parasite lair to the left has eliminated some tissue, but remains infested, 

Monday, September 12, 2011

After his long time away from Bali (a visit home to his family in Java for the Ramadan Holiday) Mr. D. spoke passionately of his healing process.

During this time, he continued to take 90 µl (3 BSI spoons) of Red Salve/ Compound D for 7-day periods. He also continued dermal application of Yellow Salve/ Compound BV over the tumor site near his anus.

He spoke of a healing crisis that saw a 'large amount' of bloody tissue and mucous eliminated from the area, and that it felt lighter and more normal, in his words. He also told of a nightmare of a snake he'd captured and pulled away from himself. Nightmares are common during healing crisis. We consider them normal and an indicator of parasites or tumors having died and health returning.

He spoke of his immense change in perception and attitude, and that his family was very happy for this, that for the first time in 17 years he was smiling and participating in normal activities, that including playing with his children, the ability to sit on a motorbike sit, to sit cross-legged on the floor, etc.

Most of the tumor/ parasite area is healed, and slightly enflamed, appearing normal. A small weep hole remains at the bottom of the area, where bloody tissue and mucous had recently been ejected. Considering this area was exposed and infected for 17 years, we are very happy with the progress.

At this point I have suggested he discontinue with with oral use of Compound D, and dermal use of Compound BV. He has begun using Healing Salve/ Compound C. This will help to limit scaring and speed recovery. The goldenseal root it contains also serves as a potent antibiotic that will prevent infection.

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